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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-20

Decorating your home with stained glass windows will add translucent color to the light passing through the windows, creating a focal point for any room.Hanging heavy windows at home is a challenge that you can easily cope with the right materials.The weight of the stained glass panel ranges from 3 to 5 lbs.According to the type of glass used in production, per square foot.When you hang a thick stained glass window, the most important thing is to remember to insert your wall or ceiling hook into the post or beam.Measure the overall size of the stained glass window to obtain the approximate weight of the panel.For example, if your window is 2 feet by 3 feet, your panel is 6 square feet.At 3 to 5 lbs.Your panel can range from 18 to 30 pounds per square foot.Find ceiling beams or wall posts in the area where you plan to hang windows.If you hang the window in front of the floor as a partition of the room, you need a ceiling beam --to-ceiling window.When you hang the window in front of another window, attach it to the nail on the wall.In this case, you will insert the hook into the bolt directly above the window housing.Insert the hook into two ceiling beams or wall posts side by side.Measure the distance between the hooks and place the screw eye in a colored glass window frame with the same distance.Cut 12-2 lengthEqual to the distance you plan to hang the stained glass windows plus a measuring line of 12 inch or a fishing line.The extra thing is to wrap the wire around the hook or tie the fishing line.The fishing line will be less visible than the chain and will also keep the windows.The chain will make the window move a little less, so if you hang the window as a room partition, you may choose the chain.Hook or tie the chain or thread to the ceiling or wall hook first.Make sure your knot is safe.Put the heavy window on the ladder or let someone else hold it when you tie the line around the screw eye.For the chain, connect the chain to the screw eye using the "S" hook.Hang up your window.
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