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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-18
You will see various types of hanging lights in cafes and restaurants;You also commented on how beautiful these are.And, when you get home after dinner and turn on the everyday tube lights, you'll still wonder how beautiful the atmosphere is.Have you ever thought about bringing the same atmosphere to your home?
If not, then it's time for you to think about it.The best thing is that you don't necessarily need to invest a lot of money for this purpose.Some tips can satisfy your desire to beautify the atmosphere.Like below: 1.
Crochet artwork and crochet laces will never lose its charm in the past few decades to the next few decades.You can arrange beautiful hanging lights at home with these laces, which is why.
Take a wire wide enough to give the light a good grip.Crochet lace around the wire.Under the lace folds is another crochet lace with a diameter smaller than the lace on it.
Continue to do so until the last one is enough to hold the lace of the other.Hang a light bulb inside the wire to form a wide and high crochet lampshade.In this way, it has a nice hook-and-needle hanging lamp ready.2.
Feathers are a soft and sweet tool with cute and girly appeal.There is no doubt that hanging a feather will never be out of date because of its appeal.You can use these feathers to form bright hanging lights.
All you have to do is take a wire that is wide enough to add space to the lights.Above the ring, some tall feathers hang at the border.Hang another set of feathers with a diameter smaller than the feathers above.
Continue to do so until the last feather is left behind.The feather-hung lampshade is ready in front of you.You can also hang the LED lights on the feathers and make the lampshade hissing.3.
Those who really love nature, or who always find the dazzling lights in the sky beautiful, should try this DIY and bring some clouds to your whereabouts.
Take two hanging baskets of equal size and form a big ball.Wrap the ball with butter paper and stick the cotton ball to it.Stick cotton in a decentralized way, making it similar to the cloud.You can hang a light bulb inside to form a hanging light, or you can wrap the LED light in the place inside the cotton to make the bright cloud attractive.4.
Graffiti is a fabric cut form beautified to increase the appeal of the space.You can outline a fancy hanging ceiling lamp with the usage of doilies.
This is: take a balloon and blow it to the size of the hanging light you want.Cover the balloon with fevicol and attach ten to fifteen holes to the balloon, leaving a space at the top of the balloon to hang the bulb.Frame it the way you imagine the hanging lights.Let it dry for a day until it becomes a strong dog ball.
Finally, burst the balloon and hang the frame of the bulb inside the ball.Use this hacker to light up the funny traditional chandelier in the sky.5.
This is a hacker who highlights the world in an extremely amazing way.You only need two hanging baskets, butter paper and maps for this purpose.That's how it works, take two garden baskets and stick them together to form a ball rack.
Put butter paper on their bodies, give them a flat base, and neatly place a map above the ball.Hang a light inside so a lighting globe is formed and you can add it to your child's room.Together, a bunch of globes will increase the aura of the residence and illuminate the room in a bright way.
While playing with the lights, some simple and magical DIY is just to add more elegance and charm to the residence.Try these hacks into the hanging lights as before.
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