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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-30
It doesn't matter if you want to hang the chandelier in the dining room or at the entrance, or maybe in the bathroom, it's important that you need a suitable place.As we all know, chandeliers add drama and personality to your space, and this can only happen if you know the style and type of chandeliers very well.Here are some of the most common styles you can find in chandeliers.
Layering: The more layers, the larger the chandelier.Suitable for any type of home decor.So whether it's a traditional living room or a country bedroom, it will have the effect you expect.Tradition: these chandeliers feature gorgeous details such as shredded flowers, reels and many other fine materials.
With traditional chandeliers, you can provide the form to your space.Crystal: When you see any crystal chandeliers, you will know that you have to invest a lot of money in order to buy them.But, trust me, they are worth it because they can spread charm and more traditional look to your home and it is definitely worth itcatching.
The light will reflect through the crystal and form a complex theme around you, which will create a romantic atmosphere and the tenor of your room will automatically become charming.Drum: This chandelier generally looks like a chandelier;It contains one or more lampshades.The lampshade can surround each lamp or the whole lamp.
This chandelier is visible in any room and this is your quiet corner as the light will make you comfortable or let you relax after a long day.Transition: these chandeliers are somewhere between a traditional chandelier and a modern chandelier.They have a feeling of modern fashion that comes with traditional shapes and designs.
They can be adapted to any type of environment, or they can fit any of your home decor.Rustic: The most common patterns you can find in rustic chandeliers are animal horns, branches, distressed materials and plants.They are perfect for adding a casual touch to your decor.
Mini: they are small versions of larger chandeliers and they don't take up much space but have a big impact.They were placed in an amazing bathroom, bedroom and closet
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