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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-10

Porch lighting hanging at the appropriate height can prevent burglary, illuminate and highlight the building of your home, and illuminate your steps as you enter and exit.The lighting of the porch has a variety of styles and functions, and choosing the right height to hang them is just a few factors to examine.The wall near the front door should be 1-Third, the height of the door.For a 9-Foot door, hang the light about 6 feet from the ground.If you hang the lights on both sides of the door, hang them on one-Separate the height of the door.However, do not hang a light about 6 feet metres from the ground.An attractive porch lighting plan will also include ceiling lights in the form of embedded canned lights.To be uniform, these lights should be hung every once in a while to avoid glare and hot spotsThe front porch area is brightly lit.If you hang decorative lights around the front door, you may want to add canned lights right above the front door to add lighting.The larger front porch can also have a chandelier above the front door or outside ceiling fan.Hang the chandelier so that the bottom of the lamp does not fall below the top of the front door.Ceiling fans should hang near the ceiling unless your porch ceiling is particularly high.For 9-Foot ceiling, use 6-inch down-rod.Add 6 inch-Each foot with a ceiling height of more than 9 feet has a pole.For the safety and protection of natural resources, please always follow the manufacturer's instructions on bulb power.When buying decorative lights such as hanging pendants and walls-Installed sconces, purchase lighting equipment that matches other external features of your home.The fixtures that protect the light source are the first choice for external lighting to promote better night vision effects.
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