hanging bathroom light fixtures How to Repaint a Chrome Bathroom Light Fixture

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
hanging bathroom light fixtures How to Repaint a Chrome Bathroom Light Fixture
The chrome paint has a charming silver color that makes the bathroom hardware and lamps shine.The chrome mirror creates a modern and stylish industrial theme.If the chrome paint on the bathroom fixture is peeling, peeling or peeling, you can repaint the surface to make it look new.Preparing the surface for the fresh chrome coating is essential to make this home improvement project a success.Unscrew all bulbs from the fixture.Remove the Chrome fixture from the bathroom wall using a screwdriver.If disassembly needs to disconnect the wire, flip the appropriate switch on the fuse box or circuit breaker to turn off the current.Place the lamps on a clean drip cloth or plastic cloth.Scrape any peeling paint with a chiselScraper or tool knife.Polish the whole lamp with 220Polish the surface with sandpaper so that a new coat of paint can be applied to the fixture.Discard paint debris and dust.Wipe the entire surface of the fixture with a soft and clean cloth.Brush small corners and bends in the lamps with a soft toothbrush to remove the dust when sanding.Go to the flat grass or concrete surface and place the chrome light fixture on a piece of plastic cloth or drip cloth.Spray lamps with indoor/outdoor primer suitable for metal surfaces.Aerosol primer is available in most hardware stores.Apply primer with lights, even fog, to avoid lumps or running.The coating of the primer helps the paint to attach to the lamp.Follow the instructions on the primer and allow enough drying time.Shake Chrome-Paint 10 to 20 times in color--Or according to the manufacturer's instructions--To ensure good paint,mixed.Spray a light paint on the surface of the lamp.When you release, spray the paint outside the fixture, and when you restart, spray it a little before the fixture.The release and re-start of the paint will result in spots and paint drops.Let the first coat dry completely.A second light coating painted with Chrome to ensure adequate coverage.Let the paint dry.Reconnect the fixture to the bathroom wall and reinstall the bulb.
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