hanging bathroom light fixtures How to Fix Light Fixtures That Are Hanging Loose

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
hanging bathroom light fixtures How to Fix Light Fixtures That Are Hanging Loose
When you don't have any solid that can connect the fixture, it's tempting to screw it to the dry wall, but it's a mistake and a code violation.The fixture may look stable, but the impact and even the weight of the fixture itself is enough to loosen the screw, and the result is that the fixture is suspended on the wall or ceiling in an unstable way.The fixture should be attached to an electric box nailed to a bolt or after, but if your fixture is of a small weight, you can use a retrofit box that is fixed on the dry wall.Turn off the breaker switch to the fixture.If others are at home, let them know that you are using electricity and tape the switch with eye-catching signs in the off position so that no one accidentally turns on the switch while you are working.Remove the screw that still holds the fixture with a screwdriver and pull it far enough from the wall or ceiling to contact the wire connection.Remove the wire cap and release the fixed wire from the circuit wire.Install an electric box for the fixture.If the drywall is in good condition and the fixture is of small weight, you can use the drywall saw to cut a hole for it in the same position to install a remodeling box.A remodeled box has an anchor attached to the back of the drywall and does not need to be attached to the frame.However, if the fixture is heavy, it should be supported by a traditional circular ceiling box nailed to the stud pin, which may mean changing its position.If you can enter the attic, there is a way to avoid changing the position of the ceiling fixture.Buy a round ceiling box with a telescopic bundle, which is specially designed for ceiling lamps between raf children.Place the box in the position of the fixture and cut a hole for it on the drywall with a drywall saw.Extend the straps to the ceiling raf on either side of the box and screw them onto the raf.When installing, the front edge of the box should be flush with the ceiling.Cut a hole for a traditional round ceiling box without the need to tie it to the nail or next to after, then pin the box to the wood with the front edge flush with the wall or ceiling surface.In order to do this, you may need to cut a part of the drywall and fix it later.After the box is in place, power the circuit cable through the back of the two boxes you connect to the frame, which contains white, black and bare wires.However, if you are using a remodel box, please feed in the wire before you anchor the box to the drywall.Or clip them in the box.-The plastic box is its own.clamping --Or use a wire to nail the nail near the box.Screw an adapter plate called a beam onto the box with holes aligned with the screw holes on the fixture base.If this is an old fixture, you may need to search to find the right beam.You may find one in a store that sells lamps or appliances.By twisting the black wire of the fixture to the black wire in the circuit cable, twist the white wire to the White circuit cable, connect the fixture to the circuit wire.Protect the connection of each pair of wires by screwing the on-line cap.Connect the fixture ground wire to the circuit ground wire.If there is no ground wire and the base is made of metal, install the ground screw on the base to keep the circuit ground wire.If the circuit ground wire is made of metal, it should also be connected to the ground screw on the electrical box.Push all the wires into the box and screw the fixture to the adapter board with the machine screws.
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