hampton bay lighting how to replace the switch on a hampton bay ceiling fan

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-12

If the pull-The chain toggle switch on the Hampton Bay ceiling fan is burnt out, or someone accidentally pulls the chain down and you can order the real Hampton Bay replacement parts on the Internet.Alternatively, you can save time and delivery costs by purchasing generic replacement parts from your nearest appliance or home improvement outlet.The actual installation is quite simple;If you can handle the screwdriver and have a ladder, you can install the new switch yourself in less than 15 minutes.Switch the circuit breaker switch powered for ceiling fans to the "off" position.If you are unable to identify a specific breaker switch, switch the main switch on the electrical panel to the "off" position before starting work.Put a ladder under the fan to keep someone stable while you're working.Remove the switch housing from the fan with a cross screwdriver.Depending on the model, there are two connecting screws at the bottom of the switch housing, or three screws around the upper edge of the housing.After removing the screws, unscrew the brass finial around the outer chain of the switch housing, pull the chain through and remove the housing from the fan.Sketch to show the position and color of the four wires connected to the switch;on a typical 3-Speed fan, terminal marked "L-1-2-3.Alternatively, they can be marked as "".B.C.D.Insert the thin flat head screwdriver into the slot next to each wire;Screw the screwdriver and pull out the welding end of the wire.If the wire is connected to the terminal with a screw, loosen the screw a few laps and pull the terminal from under the screw head.Loosen the two screws that hold the switch on the fan and remove it.Bring the old switch to the nearest electrical or home improvement outlet and buy the same replacement parts.If there are two similar switches and you are not sure which one is correct, describe the fan to the sales assistant and tell him how much speed it is equipped.Consult your sketch to connect the wires in the correct order by reversing the program you used to disconnect the wires.Twist the switch back to the fan in the same way as removing the fan.Pass the chain through the housing, replace the brass finial, and screw the housing back to the fan with the previously removed connection screw.Restore the power supply of the fan by flipping the breaker switch back to the "on" position.Operation Pull-With all the speed settings, you can see that the fan is working properly.
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