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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-12

Install three-The light vanity light on the mirror provides you with more light and reduces the shadow that may affect your grooming meter.Shadows can cause you to miss a place when you shave or make up too little or too much.Replace a single fixture with multiple fixturesLighting can illuminate the whole bathroom.Hampton Bay is a proprietary brand of Home Depot, producing three stylesLight vanity light.Collection Hampton Bay three-Light vanity fixtures.Screw the socket ring off the three outlets with your finger and install the lampshade onto the socket.Replace the socket ring, fix the lampshade on the light fixture and install the bulb on the socket.Turn off the circuit breaker that powers the installation position of the vanity lamp.Put the Hampton Bay vanity lamp mounting bracket on the electric box on the wall.Mark the four key holes in each corner of the mounting bracket on the wall.Drill 5mm holes in the wall at each mark position.Insert four plastic anchors attached to Hampton Bay 3You have a slight vanity in the hole you drilled on the wall.Insert the four mounting screws into the anchor, tighten them by hand and gently install them into the anchor.Slide the mounting bracket into the screw through the key hole slot.Tighten the screw onto the anchor and fix the mounting bracket to the wall.Connect the bare copper ground wire from three-Install the light vanity around the green ground screw attached to the bracket.Wrap the bare copper wire in the electrical box on the wall around the ground screws on the dresser mounting bracket.Tighten the green ground screw and fix the two ground wires on the stand.Three white lines from Hampton Bay-By screwing the wire connector to the two wires, from the electric box to the white wire.Connect black lines from three-Use an extra wire connector from the electric box on the wall to the black wire.By wrapping the connectors and wires with tape, the wire connectors are fixed on both sets of wires.Slide the vanity fixture onto two mounting screws on the mounting bracket.Twist the trim lock nut to the two mounting screws that protrude through the fixture until it is tightened and threeLight vanity on the wall.Turn on vanity light circuit breaker to power 3 rd Hampton Baylight vanity.
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