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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-13

Hampton Bay is an exclusive brand of lighting fixtures sold by home decoration chain Home Depot.Hampton Bay line includes furniture, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.One of the ceiling fans, Littleton, is a 42-inch, four-White leaf interior ceiling fan with reversible white and bleached oak fan blades designed to cool 10-by-10 foot room.You can use the parts provided and some common manual tools to connect the Littleton ceiling fan in Hampton Bay in a short time.Confirm that all the items you need are in the box: four ceiling fan blades, one mounting plate, one fan motor assembly, one motor housing, four blade brackets, one glass lampshade, zipper with fob, 19 screws, two lock washers, two metal washers, three plastic wire connection nuts and 13 fiber washers.Turn off the power supply to which the fan will connect to the outlet box.Attach the mounting plate to the outlet box with a pair of screws and washers, and use a slotted screwdriver when standing on a ladder.Verify that the mounting plate is horizontal and fixed to the ceiling.Adjust the level with additional washers if necessary.Lift the motor assembly of the fan, insert the "T" part of the motor housing plate into the mounting plate slot.Connect the safety cable with screws and washers to the ceiling pallet using an adjustable wrench.Connect the black wire (fan power cord) and the blue wire (lighting power cord) to the black home power cord.Trim using a wire cutting machine if necessary.Connect the white line on the fan (neutral line) to the White home neutral line.Connect the green line of the fan (mounting plate and ground wire on the electric machine) to the home green line.Move the motor assembly to the position under the mounting bracket and connect it with a screw.Lift the case to the mounting plate by aligning the screw holes and then connecting with the screws.Connect the fan blade to the blade arm using a cross screwdriver, and the screw enters the blade arm.Not yet tightened.Connect two extra screws in the same way.Repeat the remaining fan blades and blade arms.Starting with the center screw, confirm that the blade is straight and tighten each screw firmly.Repeat for the remaining two external screws and then repeat for the other three fan blades and blade arms.Insert the blade arm label into the slot at the bottom of the motor housing.Tighten with screws and washers to connect each blade arm to the motor.Insert the bulb (60 watts is recommended ).Place the glass lampshade on the bulb and slightly screw down the thumb screws that fix the lampshade.Fix the glass lampshade and tighten the thumb screws until the lampshade is fixed.Reconnect the power supply to the socket box and turn on the fan to confirm that it is functioning properly.
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