green glass chandelier Frederik Meijer Garden, A Cure for Spring Fever

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-02

Michigan was unusually cold and humid in April this year.To heal my spring fever, a trip to Frederick Meyer gardens and sculptor Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan temporarily relieved the monotony of the weather!The popular tourist attractions are not disappointing.I am happy to see the large flowerpots filled with colorful traditional spring coming plants, the greenhouses are warm and sunny and the humidity is perfect!Watch my photography and learn about the Plum Garden, tropical butterflies and pineapple, as well as the famous glass sculptor Chilley with videos.Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Frederick Meyer gardens and sculput Park is a 132-acre botanical garden and outdoor sculpture park.In its concept, 15 years of planning became a realistic adventure, and in 1991, the Western Michigan Horticultural Association contacted Frederick Mayer to donate a piece of land owned by Meyer.The company competes with Walmarts and owns and operates grocery stores in the Midwest.The first store was founded during the Great Depression by Dutch Hendrick Meyer.His first employees include Frederick, the son of his 14-year-old grocery store owner.The garden land is just one of Frederick's many generous contributions to the area.The unique logo of the park and the garden meets Mayer's goal of combining human visual art with visual art or nature.It soon became the second largest tourist attraction in Michigan, with 600,000 visitors each year, almost entirely funded by private donations.The highlight of the famous tourist attraction now is the largest tropical greenhouse in Michigan.It features rock landscapes with plants from all over the world.Visitors look at coconut trees from the Pacific Ocean, exotic orchids from Central and South America, bamboo and banana trees from Asia, and fig trees from India!During April, the facility exhibited the largest temporary tropical butterfly exhibit in the United States.Pineapple is the most famous pineapple.But there are many kinds of tropical plants, including some that are very different.pineapple-Members like Spanish moss are neither Spanish nor Moss.Other members look like Silan or agarwood, while others look like green leaves.All pineapple is formed around the bottom of the leaves that spiral to form the lotus, and the Lotus can closely overlap to form a reservoir.This central Cup also collects any fallen leaves and insects that happen to fall inside.A striking feature of Bromelaids is that they can grow in a variety of situations, from sunny beaches to shady forest floors.Some can grow on rocks, trees and other plants.This ability to get nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere gives these pineapple the name "air plant.Pineapple only blooms at a time.Once the plant stops flowering, it will not grow new leaves.However, it will produce new plants called "offset.These plants will be fed from the parent until they are large enough to take root on their own and survive as separate plants.Mothers sometimes survive a generation or two before they die.The common form belongs to the brush family-Butterfly.Insects, including butterflies, have six legs, but their front legsThe butterfly turned into a small brush.The normal Morpho opens with rainbow-colored pink-blue wings and a camouflage pattern on the lower side.Unlike many other butterflies I saw during my visit, Morpho immediately closed its wings as soon as it landed on the leaves and rarely opened them.It's beautiful anyway!The small postman from Central and South America belongs to the Dragon Wing butterfly family.They are named for their long narrow wings.They taste terrible for predators and warn them with bright colors and unique patterns.Another major attraction is the sculpture project, which hosts three temporary exhibitions every year.Among the many permanent sculptures, a prominent feature is the three-story "American horse" created by the Duke of Milan in honor of Leonardo davinings's original committee ".The world-famous sculptors Rodin and Dega also have selected works, more of which are contemporary sculptors.The facility features a wide range of garden themes, including a children's garden center, woodland shaded gardens, Michigan farm gardens, and many highlights of Victoria and seasonal gardens.The natural trail is winding and winding, with many acres of natural wetlands, woodland and grass.Other attractions include an outdoor amphitheater with summer concerts, a library of gardening and sculpture, and a Christmas exhibition that embraces more than 40 national cultures, with 300,000 flashing lights.Please enjoy a flower photography tour of Frederick Meyer gardens to heal your spring heat;The warm days are coming!Last summer, when I visited the Museum of the art of St. krasl, I first heard of chihuli.I grew up in Joe, Michigan.A delicate glass chandelier of his was displayed in the foyer.I must have played for five minutes.It is such a beautiful and verifiable miracle.Chihuly Kumar's lifelong love of the greenhouse has evolved into a series of exhibitions within the botanical garden, including several works from Frederick Meyer gardens and sculptor Park.His works are collected by more than 200 museums around the world.He has won many awards, including 10 honorary doctoral degrees and two Fellowship grants from the National Arts Endowment Fund.
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