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In today's business world, it is not uncommon for many salespeople to work from home.It seems like a great opportunity at first, but it does bring some unique challenges.One of the biggest obstacles is the amount of interference that keeps us away from work and prevents us from achieving our goals.It's easy to get distracted from work when you work in a home office, especially if you don't like work like exploration or cold calling.Watering the plants, running errands, and even washing clothes can make gratifying changes from the daily sales work.If you have young children, distractions will increase dramatically.I also work in the Home Office and have to deal with this challenge.Here are some ideas that can help manage these distractions and improve productivity.-Create an office.About ten years ago, when I first worked from home, I used to work at my table.Unfortunately, this puts me in the middle of a family action.My wife will turn on the TV and I will be distracted by my work right away.In other cases she would talk to me or ask me a question just because I was in the same room.Therefore, it is often difficult to focus on my work.Now I have an office where I do most of my work.If you don't have the space to create an office, find somewhere in your home with the least traffic and have the opportunity to distract.-Set specific business hours.This is especially important if you have young children.It's hard for children to understand that they can't bother us while we work.If you have an office, close your door and put a Do Not Disturb sign on it.This is especially important if you call a client, as it prevents family members from accidentally breaking into your side during a critical call.-Use the copy to do copy list for everday.Listing what you need to accomplish every day can help you stay focused;Otherwise, it becomes too easy to do other things around the house.If you know that you need to complete a certain number of tasks by the end of the day, it can prevent you from being distracted during the day.One of the challenges in this regard is that the housework or running errands are more enjoyable than the work we have to do.However, I often find that the desire to do other things disappears once I am involved in my task.-Set a deadline for the project you are working on.While I have no one to hold me accountable for these deadlines, it finds that this approach can help me stay on track.You can also share these deadlines with others to help yourself stay focused, especially if this responsibility is useful to you.-Allow you to relax --to-time.It is OK to allow yourself to be distracted occasionally.As long as it doesn't happen very often, you don't have to worry too much about it.However, if your relaxation time exceeds your working hours, then you need to reconsider your priorities.-Share your goals and objections with a group of consultants.This accountability is effective for many because they know that they have to report on the progress of specific projects.-Recognize that what you have achieved is a direct result of your work.When I first started my private practice, it was easy to put the work aside and do the housework or run errands.In my first year, I took my job as a part.Timing work, average timing 20-25 hours a week.When I assessed my grades at the end of the year, I realized that I could not maintain that mindset.So I started doing more work.I got better results.I finally learned that the more effort I put into my work, the better results I have achieved in terms of income and income.This makes it easier for me to avoid distractions and focus more on my work.-Finally, you can try the way I learned from Brian Tracy.When you find yourself dragging on a particular task or project, repeat the following three words over and over again.x93Do it now.This may be a great way to prevent yourself from being distracted by other things you like to do.Distractions are sometimes positive.Staying away from work allows you to clear your mind, give you the opportunity to refresh yourself and improve your energy level.However, it is important to remember that you have a responsibility to yourself and your business to limit these distractions.©2006 Kelly Robertson reserves all rights.
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