gold and crystal chandelier Grand Chandeliers From Around The Globe

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-05

A crush on shiny things can make you travel around the world and discover the most exquisite of all chandeliers.However, some chandeliers are more than just sparks from the ceiling.They are history.They are art. they have a story to tell.The first known chandelier ever was made in the Middle Ages.They simply made the ornaments and decorated a set of candles.The design is too simple to take them from room to room easily.At the turn of the century, the chandelier adds some weight and is more robust in design.These types became symbols of wealth in palaces and aristocratic families, mainly made of brass or carved wood.For decades, the popularity of chandeliers has grown and become more sophisticated.Century, used it to make the most famous chandelier so far;Crystal chandelier.I decided to study and find some unique chandeliers and where they hang around the world.This is just a list of my studies from all over the world in different and distant places, with different historical stories to tell.The witchka (wheellicks-Through my research, I found the first unique chandelier in the Wieliczka salt mine in Poland, which has a good artistic appearance and is full of history.Wieliczka is a small town in Poland. in the 12 th century, a local Duke built the coal mine.He is interested in the rich salt we know.The mine hired many miners in the decades before it finally closed in 1996.Over the years, the miners have produced some exquisite carvings that have helped make the place a very popular tourist attraction.In order to get the wonderful things in the salt mine House, people have to climb up the wooden stairs to the ground 150 m.When you arrive, you will be surprised by your surroundings, all made and carved entirely from salt.First of all, you will notice beautiful chandeliers hanging in different places of the mine.You guess, it's all made of salt.The most exquisite of all the chandeliers in the salt mine is the chandeliers hanging in the stunning cathedral, with religious carvings and beautiful d.©These chandeliers smell of salt.To make these unique chandeliers, the union first extracts the rock of the salt, then dissolves it and extracts the impurities, and then engrave it like the hanging chandelier you seeI don't think this plot-filled place will disappoint adventurers.The Wieliczka salt mine in Poland is rich in art and history, and the chandelier is definitely a place to see.After a century, the abbot of the cede monastery returned to the monastery after traveling to Palestine.He brought the soil from the Holy Land, and he sprinkled the soil around the cemetery next to the Church of Saints in Kutner Hora city, Czech Republic.After that, the cemetery became very popular, and many Central European people chose to be buried there.There has been no place for bodies to be placed for centuries.Therefore, the monks then decided to start digging out the old remains and deposit them in the church now properly known as the "Bone Church" and the "Bone Church.As many as 40,000 remains were stored in the church.As you enter this part of the underground sanctuary, you will find these bones neatly stacked in every corner, which makes the design of the floor meaningless and with the plate shape that visitors can walkPeople may ask why they choose to fill the sanctuary with the bones of the dead soul.This reasoning, of course, comes with a city myth.The myth tells the story of a monk who is crazy and brings bones into something.The church, however, also features great sculptures, chalk and candle holders, as well as magical tattoos and inspiring bone chandeliers.These wonderful works were not built by the mythical monk, but by a woodcutter named Frantisek Rint.Mr.Rint was hired by landowners as early as 1870 to decorate the church with bones, each reminding visitors and admirers of the inevitable fate of human life and death.If you go to church, it will be the most chilling but charming experience.The unique chandelier, the chandelier is not shiny, but it and the church will be an unforgettable attraction.Al-This one-of-a-This chandelier is also one of the largest chandeliers ever.It is located in Muscat, Oman, in Al-Ameen Mosque.Since November 2014, when I tried to study more about this mosque and the huge chandelier hanging in the shrine, I couldn't find a lot of facts about the mosque itself, but I did find a video, the video describes why the mosque was built.I also found that this amazing chandelier was carefully designed and handmade by the Austrian KNY design company, specifically for Al-Ameen mosque.The chandelier is decorated with many beautiful gold designs with 67,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals.This eye-hanging sugar is an amazing piece of art, and the great staff of KNY design put all the sweat and tears into this absolutely amazing fixture that should be receivedIf you are a chandelier lover and world traveler, this place and this chandelier is not to be missed.However, it is said that you may not be allowed to enter if you are not a Muslim religion.Located in Midtown Manhattan, this train station is full of exciting and beautiful history and architecture.Built in 1871, Central Station has been the most popular tourist destination for decades.I have never been to New York myself, nor have I ever been to popular train stations.If I'm going somewhere to look at the shiny chandelier, it's definitely Central Station.This historic railway station is full of art and architectural structures.In addition to being a tourist station, the central station has an atmosphere of shops and dining, as well as events such as fashion shows or holding important fundraising events.The most important thing is to take place in the beautiful Vandenberg Hall.The original pink marble surface of this 48-The foot ceiling hall makes an amazing display when the outstanding luxury hardware chandelier shines on the room and walls.I was fascinated by the description when I read about the place;The building has many other treasures, for example;Upon entering the station, the tall Collins column, the arched ceiling of the zodiac sign, and the clock designed by the famous Tiffany.Yes, I would say it's a must.Not only can you see chandelier enthusiasts, but you can also see anyone who appreciates art and architecture in a variety of ways.This station has everything.Even so, for this article and capturing the eyes of chandelier enthusiasts, I can say that the shimmer of the stunning chandelier could be the icing on the cake when they travel to the central station.This is a lovely place.All photos and videos of Wikimedia Commons, flickr and youtube.Polite pictures and videos;Wikimedia sharing, after flickr, www.Spiritsoftheabandoned.Video Delivery;So I braved the dark forest no one had ever been.Through the forest, my pace was full of surprises.âx80x9cA House!I exclaimed as I ventured to open the door.It was once perfect;The front is a statue with five the house where you are lost.Plot to kill me.I have to get closer.the ground;at the sound.There is also a piano.out of place?A beautiful big website.Hanging chandelier;I hope it's still tight as I walk down.Come back and find a way to clean it.The chandelier sparkled like a new one.I was a little scared and confused.He looks sincere.He apologized for scaring me.I'm sure it's on my face.He left one day and then disappeared.sweet kisses.I never asked him how he knew it;Old man, he welcomes me back. There are many stories in his hand.seep through;The color on the walls, I am not tired of this place at all.Envelope under the chandelierAlmost brand-new house.
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