glass pendant lights for kitchen ‘People were screaming everywhere’: tourists from North West Tasmania describe Indonesian earthquake

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-15
Tasman resortBali manufacturersxa0Terrible experience after 7.A magnitude 0 earthquake struck near Lombok Island, Indonesia.When the earthquake started, Dave Kirkwood of latbu was in a restaurant in Ubud.
"The table is shaking and the restaurant is shaking."There are hundreds of people on the street in 20 seconds," he said ."."Screaming everywhere.Mr. Kirkwood said a series of aftershocks had occurred throughout the evening, and he and his wife had evacuated the building three more times.
Now lying on the ground can only feel a slight vibration.He believes there were no casualties in the area."We missed the worst game, but it was very fierce.
Kirkwood estimates that he thinks the magnitude of the quake is about 6.When the earthquake struck, Jarrod Nasiukiewicz also took a vacation with his family in Seminyak, Bali.His wife, Sarah, and the kids.xa0Lakeland, 7, Alex, 4, and Ryan, 1, evacuated their villa.
"The building is shaking and clicking, but when it is strengthened violently, the glass doors and windows start clicking.At that time, I ran into the bedroom and grabbed Ryan, who was sleeping, and we all hurried out, "he said."When I looked back at the villa, I noticed threexa0The chandelier in the kitchen swung from one side to the other, almost touching, with a huge water flowing out of the pool.
Mr Nasiukiewicz was initially not worried because he had experienced earthquakes in tazhou and Papua New Guinea, but his children were frightened by the noise from the earthquake.There is no apparent destruction in the area and life seems to continue."I guess you never know when you're going to expect another one, after all it's the Pacific Rim of Fire," he said .
xa0Nasiukiewicz expressed sympathy for the earthquake that killed at least 82 people on Lombok Island
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