glass chandeliers for dining room How to Change Out a Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
glass chandeliers for dining room How to Change Out a Chandelier
A chandelier --Or hanging lamps--The atrium or restaurant can be illuminated and dressed up.You may want to replace the chandelier to modernize the look of the room or update the light fixture.The existing electrical boxes and wires on the ceiling can be kept in place, which makes the process less complicated.Before removing the chandelier, turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the room.Verify that the wire is live by touching the voltage tester to the wire that extends along the chandelier chain.If the tester lights up and beeps, the wires are still charged.Remove the chandelier base, expose the electric box, and then unscrew the wire nut that connects the wire.Put the chandelier down and put it aside.When you disconnect the wire, an assistant grabs the chandelier to lighten the task.Many chandeliers need to be assembled.For example, you can install its chain, Pillar, lamp holder.You may also need to wrap the wire through the link in the chain.Do not install the bulb at this time.The chandelier is equipped with long hanging chains and wires coming out of the factory to accommodate high ceilings, or for homeowners who want to hang the chandelier on the floor.Climb the ladder and hold the chandelier with a chain at the approximate height you think looks best.Let your assistant step back and verify that the height provides enough clearance on the table or on the clean space.Write down the link at the top and drop the chandelier.Pry open the link with two pairs of pliers and remove the extra link.Pass the wire through the end of the last link and cut it off, about 8 inch of the length of the chain.Pass the wire through the ceiling cover of the chandelier and peel off the end to reveal an inch of bare wire.Hang the chandelier by connecting the opening link of the chain to the ring at the bottom of the screw bar that is screwed into the electric box metal belt.Squeeze the closed link with pliers.Connect the wire of the chandelier to the wire in the electric box and fix them with the wire nut.Black is connected to black, white is connected to white, and green is connected to green or bare copper.Plug the wire into the back of the electric box and install the ceiling cover.
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