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Jewelry making tutorial on Squidoo, when Squidoo stopped running, most of my online articles were posted before moving to hub pages.Winning the Stars Award is a huge honor for any writer who posts on Squidoo.Every time one of my articles is selected for this particular recognition, I feel proud and grateful.Special offer Bonny Diczhazy, Robin Svedi, Stephanie Mangino.I am very honored that you think many of my articles deserve this coveted badge of excellence.Every time one of my articles is awarded to the famous purple star, this will only reinforce my commitment to write and post more articles with outstanding content.When we have done something important, we are all grateful for the recognition of our knowledgeable and discerning peers.That's why the purple stars are so meaningful.I am very proud that my 27 featured articles on Squidoo were awarded purple stars for excellence, two of which were selected as Squidoo shots for the day, one of them was selected as the Squidoo purple product review for the day of December 13, 2013.Squido stopped operating from January 2014 to October 2014.What is the Purple Star award, you ask?Why do you get such a big honor?The Squidoo Stars Award recognizes outstanding articles on content, innovation, engagement and creativity.The community organizers who host the project see a lot of footage every day, so when they see them, they know that the content stands out in the crowd.There are a lot of great articles that are not published, so winning a purple star for one of your articles means you do create a very special shot.In fact, the award is so coveted that many Squidoo writers say that they would rather get the Stars Award, nor would you like to make an article the Squidoo lens of the day, according to the poll results of the Squidoo lens of Noma Buton, have you received the purple stars?Purple stars...Celebrate the trophy of authentic, original, wonderful content on Squidoo.Whenever our editors and community organizers discover the lens that makes them smile, they make a sound...Bonnie and Robin, the community champion you work hard, will use the purple stars as a prominent shot at any time of the day or night, whether new or old.Masterpiece lens.The lens named for itself.The lens of trying new things.All in all, if one of your pages is awarded the stars of the stars award, it means that the picky Purple Star Fairy thinks that your article is excellent in content and they reward you for trying new ideas and modules, run the conversation on the camera and stand in the crowd in the best way.When I decided to try and work with some peopleIn the autumn of 2004, some famous jewelry-making materials were called Precious Metal clay, and relatively few artists used gold and fine silver metal clay, they have been trying to find the best way to solve this problem.By the early spring of 2006, I had collected, organized and kept updating the metal clay information and resources I personally collected for more than 1 year.Although some best practices have been established, frequent new discoveries and product development make it difficult for anyone to stay up lateto-date.I decided that by sharing my accumulated and reviewed knowledge with metal clay experts, I could give back to the metal clay community.Squidoo is a new release platform and seems to be customizedMade for my purpose and allowed me to provide impartial information about metal clay for authoritative, reliable, global interested metal clay artists.Metal Clay -.It gives a brief overview of precious metal clay, and then classifies links to the best, most authoritative information and resources I have found in my research on metal clay associations and organizations, top Metal clay artists and teachers, authoritative charts and technical data, metal clay projects, and the best books and educational DVDs I have read or seen.Five years later (shortly after Squidoo's Purple Star project was opened to non-I am very happy to receive my first Lucky Star award in February 15, 2011.This is enough for the first article I created on the site!Within four days of publishing metal clay(Also April 15, 2006 ).That fall, I added the fifth and sixth articles to my metal clay series.The first method provides a variety of methods for setting gems with metal clay before and after firing (July 2006., I created a comprehensive guide on creating metal clay textures (September 2006) and now includes four dozen metal clay texture tips and techniques including engraving, mold, texture stamps, tearingRemove the texture sheet, water etching, etching the metal texture plate and many other unusual methods.These two articles are more popular than the first four.The article, which also appears in Stephanie Mangino's so cunning Magazine article "6 sensational methods made of clay, she leads Squidoo magazine and Bonnie I want to try "monsterboard ".My article on setting gems in metal clay also won the Purple Star award in 2013 (but we'll discuss it later ).Since then, I have greatly expanded my metal clay series articles and are now on hub pages, including 21 articles so far.I am very proud that my metal clay articles continue to be highly respected 10 years after I started publishing them.Top Metal clay artists, mentors and students around the world are widely used and frequently recommended resources, and four metal clay articles in this series have won Squidoo's Xing award for their outstanding content.How did I write this series of metal clay articles.I was invited to the Squidcademy Awards quest in April 2012, an exclusiveinvitation-Only an exploration of Squidoo's top writers."We have rolled out the red carpet to you, one of our best lens masters, to challenge you to create a show --stopping award-worthy lens...As a top shot master, we know that you have created great content-rich shots...The lens that needs to be read...We are proud to show the lens...Lens, as the main example of our latest lens master.That's why we challenge you to make it the best shot of your film career.How do I like to writeTo the article, so I decided to use this opportunity to teach myself something I 've always wanted to learn-how to draw leather shoes so that the paint doesn't crack or peel off, it turned out to look professional and share my personal learning experience in the shoe painting process.Sassy Feet!Paint, beautify and love your shoes (and bags )!Filmed by Margos Forrest and destiny Carter., is a step-by-Step-by-step tutorial on the best way to paint leather shoes and handbags (or faux leather shoes and handbags), and photo magazine of my first drawing experience...Including my mistakes and lessons.Shortly after I submitted the article for Squidcademy Awards quest, the article was awarded a star of excellent content, selected as the Squidoo lens of the day on May 7, 2012, posted on the Squidoo home page for two weeks.It also appears in a post by Bonnie Diczhazy, the community organizer of Squidoo, which turned your expertise into a useful shot on May 24, 2012, in May 25, 2012, Bonnie personally selected 50 creative upward loops as one of her Bravo SquidooWe love 200 shots in June 28, 2013.I like to think that the three purple stars Award and a lens I received at the time helped me to get the squid angel wings, proving that I understood that the content type of Squidoo was considered greatI love the ability to bless excellent articles and give extra praise and encouragement to the talented writers who created them.I am very grateful for the blessing and supportive feedback I received from other squid Angels and giant squid to be able to pay forward until the project retired in May 2013 and I am very happy.On the beach on the weekend of May 2012, lensmaking invited writers to create a beach --Theme article for Memorial Day weekend.I have considered a lot of tips, including things that are important but often overlooked, such as the first.First Aid Kit, how to swim from the torn trend/torn trend, as well as the planning of bad weather, as well as practical tips for choosing the best beach bag and chair, and most importantly keep a positive attitude, that way, you can enjoy your beach holiday even if things don't go as planned.I am honored that this article got a purple star in May 29 and appeared in 35 awesome "My Summer Vacation" shots, "The best on the beach" lens MonsterBoard and "beach weekend" MonsterBoard.Have you won the Purple Star award?Purple stars are hard to earn, which is why it is such a special honor to get a star.Congratulate you if you win!This is a great achievement to be proud.At the beginning of 2012, I started trying the bolder, more stylish color of nail polish, a simple, cheap way to update my look --In order to change my comfortable daily life and start more experiments, I made a small part of the effort.The color range of nail polish on the market has been extended to previously unimaginable shades and special effects, which I think is a teen fashion for a long time.But then I started using my toes.Or, more accurately, my fingertips.A small manicure.Be careful, nothing crazy!Just a white lace pattern printed on pure pink polish tips.It's pretty and quite subtle.I loved it!I tried a shiny top with encouragement, then metal gold.I thought it was bold at the time, and I was worried that strangers would stare at me giggling, or when they saw "women of some age" wearing such bold nail polish, whispering behind their hands is unfounded.Again, my nail polish tone is really not that bold compared to neon, bright blue, green, purple and yellow, metal GreenGold, metal patterns and color changing tones are very popular in spring and summer.I am very surprised how much I enjoy this seemingly insignificant expression of personality and creativity.Then I realized that it makes more sense than just trying a bolder nail polish color.This is a visible, very personal symbol of my commitment to try more new things, take more risks, have more fun and take better care of myself.The classic, conservative nail polish color I wear most of my life (when I wear nail polish )-Light pink, pink and lavender in warm weather, lavender or berries in autumn and winter, some red in formal occasions --Water, duck, bright and polished gold and color changing effects polishing are now added.I love the feeling of kids with a huge, brand new crayon box!I decided to write an article about all the wonderful nail polish colors in spring and summer 2012, hopefully this might encourage others to step out of the comfort zone and try a manicure in a fun color that might never be considered.I put in a lot of work to make it fun, authoritative, fun and colorful, and I am very happy with the way it develops.When "summer top ten nail polish color" won the Purple Star award in July 6, I was very excited that it not only appeared in the best version of Squidoo: MonsterBoard of "summer fashion and beauty 2012, it's also a Lensmaster Spotlight post by Robin sivedi on Purple Star.I never thought it would be my first choice.Ranking and rankingMake money page on website!Over time, the article has grown to be the top 10 nail polish colors and trends and has updated new nail art colors and trends throughout all seasons.I fell in love with art glass (aka glass art) since I was a little girl, my mom came back with my dad on a trip from Venice, Italy and saw the first sparkling Murano glass beads.When I got married for the second time, when my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Florence, visiting the towns and villages around Tuscany, we also had the privilege of working with the famous glass artist and teacher Kristina Logan on LampeIn the next few years, I began to collect "planets inhabited" and "planets that may be inhabited"A thoroughly modern fantasy world created with ancient traditional Venetian glass technology..So when the theme of the SquidWoot first week challenge was declared "melted stuff", I knew right away that I wanted to write about the hot glass technology., A few hours after I published, I won the Purple Star award in July 9, 2012!I have reached one of the prerequisites for applying to be a giant squid ---June 18, 2012.For months, I have been taking the courage to apply for the status of giant squid. after winning the sixth Purple Star award in July 9, 2012, I finally have enough confidence, more than 25 of my articles can be considered "great" and I submitted my application.So the next day, on July 10, I submitted my application to become a giant squid (level 25 ).If you hear a very happy voice in July 13, 2012, when I found out that I was accepted into the giant squid club, it was most likely that I sang, shouted and danced happily.WOOT!The challenge theme for the second week of SquidWoot in July was to make a shot about "how to do it.I like to write tutorials, so this is a good play for me!I decided to write a tutorial for a craft project that is fairly easy to do, using cheap and widely available craft materials and producing results that don't look like a typical simple elegant specialtyto-Do crafts projectThe first thing that attracts me is the polymer clay is mokume gane technology, which is inspired by a very difficult 17 thCentury Gold technique for decorating Japanese samurai sword.Polymer clay mokume gane technology is not difficult, and even beginners can get beautiful and complicated appearance effects.Since a lot of my articles are all about how to make jewelry, I decided to write my steps --by-With respect to the polymer clay mokume gane technology itself, and how it can be applied to the production of artificial gem cables that can be incorporated into the jewelry production project.This polymer clay tutorial got a purple star in July 16, 2012, and to my great surprise and delight, brumingrose showed it on her own wonderful page, "I"I am proud and grateful for these two honors!In the 1990 s, I began collecting vintage beads and jewelry components, learning the techniques of making jewelry with beads, and started my own jewelry making --of-a-Jewelry business, polishing and placement-Together.Most of the jewelry designs I have designed for P & PT include vintage beads, vintage components and/or vintage jewelry making techniques.Bridal jewelry set shown above, including pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets with beads-Embroidered brass flower wire focus on necklaces and bracelets is an example of custom jewelry I designed for Scottish brides, I made this jewelry with a combination of vintage and modern pearls, retro decor style, modern earrings design, retro jewelry construction techniques.When I started working on the sources of vintage jewelry items, I quickly found that few jewelry designers working on vintage beads and components were willing to disclose their sources.Given the increasing supply of antique beads and jewelry, I can understand their silence, but I decided that when I finally managed to find out the best source of antique beads and other antique jewelry-making supplies, i'm not going to try to keep the secret of all this stuff (okay...Maybe only one or two!) In this way, other jewelry artists don't have to spend the same frustrating years looking for good places to buy vintage beads and jewelry-making supplies.So I decided to share some of my best sources of vintage beads, stones, shreds, stamping parts and other vintage and reproduction vintage jewelry items, and tutorials and tips to help others start making their own vintage jewelryInspired Jewelry (or contemporary jewelry with vintage beads and components ).Make fabulous vintage inspired jewelry with authentic vintage beads and jewelry items!Including many pictures of myself.of-a-As an inspiring "eye candy", the kind and custom-crafted jewelry design showcases some of the ways vintage beads, stones and other vintage components can fit into the jewelry.(I have split it into two articles since moving it to hub pages/Feltmagnet.I am deeply honored that in addition to being awarded the Purple Star for this article in September 7, 2012, writer Ross Jones (bloomingross) is still "I hope the Squidoo I have writtenWhen I work in the company, several of my positions often go on business trips.I am very familiar with its challenges and the fact that business trips have become more challenging over the past 30 years.The sharp rise in oil prices and the severe global recession of the 1980 generation have led to and ended the days of first-class business trips, with luxury hotels and unlimited expenses accounting for any other expenses of big company executives.The airline takes out their comfortable, wide seats and spacious legroom and replaces them with smaller, narrower, and less buffered seats that are barely tilted and as dense as possible, legroomWith the advent of the "mobile office", today's business travelers are expected to work throughout the trip.Business travel has been more tense and challenging than ever since 9/11 security measures were strengthened.So what niche should I choose when I think of "What is the best travel gift?"In October 2012, I felt that people who travel a lot, even prefer gifts to leisure travelers, to help improve the quality of their travel experience.Focus on the best travel gift to reduce the stress and discomfort of business travel and improve the work efficiency and efficiency of travelers.I am happy to receive the Purple Star Award for this gift guide on October 29, 2012.While launching the new "Happy Halloween" magazine on Squidoo, Bonnie invited writers to sign up for the Halloween club for an eight-week Halloween series --Themes for the period September and October 2012.At the end of October (week 8), the last task of the series was pumpkin.I would like to find an unusual angle from the material that may be submitted about Jack o lantern ideas, popular Halloween party food and Halloween --Theme craft project.In my research in September 15, 2012, I found Amy Bouchard, the woman with the evil Whoopies (most likely the best whoopie pie on Earth, she shared her pumpkin whoopie pie recipe on a local Maine TV station.I have always admired her success story (she started her whoopie pie business from the kitchen at home, and for the last 20 years she has turned it into a very successful and profitable5 million companies that have had a huge positive impact on the Maine economy, even as most companies cut jobs, continue to create new jobs, it was a cooperative labor of love for Amy, her husband David and their two children.Pumpkin pie-Delicious Halloween and fall food!As my contribution to pumpkin exploration.Not only did it show Amy's delicious pumpkin Whoopie pie recipe (I modified it with clearer, more detailed instructions and my own baking skills to ensure success) at the same time, I also shared her touching and inspiring success stories and many interesting stories.I study the story of Amy Bouchard day and night to reveal the hard-to-Find details that will allow me to treat her extraordinary achievements fairly.I was exhausted when I published my article, but I was very proud of what I created.I am happy to find that my pumpkin Whoopie Pies article was published on the pumpkin rich blackboard and I was very excited when it was awarded the Purple Star in October 26, 2012.Three days later, when I found out that it was selected as the lens for the day of October 29, 2012, you could have knocked me down with feathers!The two articles of the same author were rarely selected as footage for the day of the same year, and this wonderful honor surprised me.I'm walking in the air!Purple Star #11: Afternoon tea-Low Tea vs.Afternoon Tea: delicious recipes and elegant ideas for a pleasant British custom!Afternoon Tea -Low Tea vs.Afternoon Tea: delicious recipes and elegant ideas for a pleasant British custom!After studying the food holiday in January, it was learned that January was the National Hot Tea Month.When I was in my 20 s and 30 s and lived in Manhattan, one of my favorite foods was to enjoy an elegant 3In a New York luxury hotel offering afternoon tea, such as the Plaza Hotel, the Ritz Hotel or the lovely Stanhope Hotel on Fifth Avenue (it's been a long time, unfortunately ).I love everything about it, from exquisite, delicious and delicious food, formal tablecloth, porcelain, silver and crystal, flowers, wellA well-trained waiter who plays a beautiful live piano or chamber music.I have always enjoyed cooking, baking and entertaining, so I started offering afternoon tea for my friends and family.I learned the right way to make a pot of delicious English tea, tried a lot of different recipes and came up with some of my own recipes (including a highly addictive ginger recipe)And join my collection of classical music recordings as background music for my afternoon tea party.When I decided to write an article about this delightful traditional British custom, I also looked into the history and knowledge surrounding this beloved ritual, as well as it for centuriesIn my article I share some of the most interesting facts I 've found, as well as my favorite recipes, tips and suggestions for afternoon tea, offering scones for simple cream teas, 3 full of cream and jamAfternoon Tea for engagement, wedding or birthday celebrations or other special occasions.I put a lot of time, effort and energy into developing this article and won my 11 th Purple Star award in January 26, 2013.The RocketSquids project is a project that combines intensive training camps and a supportive coaching community for promising new lens who want to get the basics of creating wonderful content on the site as soon as possibleEvery week, the official team member in charge of the project, eventually led by Susan Deppner, provides valuable tips and insights for daily classes on what makes new content on the siteRocketSquids also took part in the weekly writing challenge and received useful feedback and support from the RocketSquid tutor/Usher.This wonderful show is also a community where aspiring content creators have the opportunity to meet each other.During the period from January 2013 to January 2014, I was a mentor to RocketSquid and provided feedback, assistance and encouragement to project participants.To focus on my new role as a contributor to Squidoo's "bracelets, gadgets and beads", I gave up the role.Purple Star...Chinese wind chimes.I originally published this article about my Purple Star AwardWon the prize on Squidoo in February 6, 2013.I rarely see the theme shot that has been awarded purple stars, so when this shot was awarded the next day with its own shiny new purple stars, I was really surprised and very proud.In fact, I accepted my 12 Purple Star Award on the moon.At the beginning of February 2013, Squidoo headquarters launched a new "imminent!\ "Look for giant squid every week.Bonnie chose her favorite 15 submissions for her quest to win a cool Squidoo pirate trophy and a December 2013 lottery ticket every week, the winner of the draw chose one of the four wonderful "dream" prize packs.Sometimes Bonnie takes out one or two prizes from her treasure chest.The first week is coming!The theme of the challenge is "thinking about spring ".In Boston, it's cold, gray and doesn't see any signs of spring, so it's hard to get inspiration.So I decided to create a polymer clay flower jewelry project to help my online visitors bring them some cheerful spring colors and warmth a little in advance.For the first few imminent!Task, and one moreOur article can be submitted by the deadline for the weekend or until Bonnie chooses 15 --Quality of submission...Whichever comes first!It is not until after the submission has taken place that it is known when it will be cut off.The submission window is closed, just as I submitted the article for the task, so it's not yet one of the first 15 windows to choose for the upcoming task!Think Spring highlight reel.Polymer mud flower tutorial-The article was honored with a purple star in February 11, 2013, and I was one of two participants who received a wonderful surprise gift from the treasure chest --In my case, step 2 The Garden Hopper moves the garden stool and storage.Countless albumsI was an amateur singer and songwriter in high school and also a paid singer during college, Joni was my idol.I can copy her voice very carefully and often play her music in cafes and clubs.I also used the university's radio station recording facility to record some of the songs I sang myself and voice over the Harmony (for my own benefit, not for sale ).Every time Joni Mitchell makes a new album, I fall in love with her music again.Throughout her career she has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of her creation, with each of her albums having a clear, fresh point of view and bringing her musical talentShe works with some of the best musicians in the world that produce some amazing music, though I think I prefer her solo work.Jonny Mitchell is a woman who has an opinion.I am honored to have won the Purple Star award in February 15, 2013 for this article.I am a chocolate lover and I love great recipes for baking and patching.I have about 200 recipes.That was after I gave them at least 1/3!) So, it's not surprising that many of my favorite recipes are decadent chocolate desserts.I have collected 10 of my favorite chocolate dessert recipes that promise to produce oohs and ahhhs from anyone who is lucky enough to taste them.February 2013.This is one of the first metal clay articles I wrote on Squidoo and has always been one of my favorite.One of the many advantages of making jewelry using metal clay is the simple and varied way to set up gems in precious metals (as well as bronze, copper and other base metals.Metal clay artists from all over the world tell me how useful it is.Still, it took years to envy my other purple star shots and wonder why it was passed on when these purple badge of excellence was handed out.Was finally granted a long-awaitedPurple Star of April 4, 2013Seven years after my first publication!I grew up watching Gumby and Pokey, and since then I 've been using clay models to stop motion animations.When Will Vinton launched what he called the unique clay animation style of "clay animation", we were all disappointed with the dancing California raisins.I just lost my heart to Wallace and Gromet (and my funny bones ).I 've been wanting to learn more about how magic is made for a long time, and when I finally started self-education, I decided to share some mechanics, most of the time, some of my favorite clay animated characters and movies are with my Squidoo readers.Claymation -The Purple Star medal was awarded in April 4, 2013.I also liked bubble bath when I was a child, but it wasn't until I was in my 20 s that I really started to fully appreciate bubble bath.There is nothing more relaxing than creating your own private spa setting and soaking in warm, foam, scented water, and there is very little luxury like having a bubble bath with a spouse or romantic partner.From my love of decadent chocolate desserts and food, you may see that I am a little hedonistic in my heart..After all, who would like the wonderful relaxation and sensory enjoyment that is neither expensive, illegal, immoral or fattening?I published it in January 2012 and was happy when it was decorated with a beautiful purple star in April 10, 2013.Purple Star No. 19: healthy vegetable soup recipe with Cannellini beans and chicken sausageMy favorite lunch!As you may already know by now, I have a huge sweet tooth that likes to make and eat delicious desserts.I also get very focused when I work --Especially when I'm writing.Usually grab anything that looks the fastest and easiest at lunch.At the end of the day, I realized I needed to come up with something to grab ahead of time --and-Go for a healthy lunch, the taste is good enough, I have to eat at least a few times a week.After researching some recipes, I found a copy of Ellie Krieger, which sounded good, and as usual, I modified it a little, depending on my taste and nutritional preferencesI 've been making it a lot and then refrigerate and freeze it into separate sections so I can pick up a container and heat it up in the microwave to get a delicious, nutritious, healthy lunch.I am happy to find it resonating with many others, and Squidoo awarded it a purple star in June 17, 2013.I\'m a dyed-in-the-Chocolate wool.Forgot the silver spoon-I must have a chocolate spoon in my mouth when I was born.Although I have never met a chocolate that I don't like, I like the taste more and more as I get older --And a special hobby.Dark chocolate.As early as college, I started to make chocolate hot pot.We are not allowed to use electrical appliances in the dormitory, but we are allowed to use them in the public kitchen of an administrative building.So, when I want to make a meal that impress a man, I go to the kitchen and make a grilled marinated steak with tomatoes, cream wild rice, then use my trusted electric hot pot to prepare delicious chocolate hot pot with a pyramidShape strip of Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate (containing nougat and a little honey.This tried-and-The Real Meal was never impressive, and then I started adding a little cognac to enhance the richness of the chocolate (boy, did it!).I still hold on to this day for my husband.A few years ago, I decided to try to make my chocolate fondue recipe with the dark chocolate Toblerone bar (and cognac of course.It turned out to be sacred.The recipe is also made with white chocolate Toblerone bar, although I usually use Chambord black raspberry liqueur or Cointreau orange liqueur when I use white chocolateAny change in it is coveted.And, there are some great ideas that can be used to dip in some snacks, as well as some interesting hot pot traditions and customs that make it great to throw (or attend) hot pot parties.On July 4, when I found out that my recipe article was awarded a delicious purple star, I had an extra reason to celebrate 2013!My husband and I have been trying to limit the amount of animal fat and bad cholesterol in our day's diet so that we can enjoy a truly indulgent meal or dessert from time to time without damaging our health.We all love dairy products, even if we drink skim milk, I often bake with almond milk, but it's hard to justify indulging in dairy products with high saturated fat content, like heavy cream, whipped cream, cream cheese and whey cheese.There is a lowerFat substitutes, but many of them contain chemicals that we cannot pronounce, and we would rather not consume them, which, in general, do not provide much in terms of good nutrition.That's why I became so excited when I found that unsalted raw cashew nuts soaked in cold water can be liquefied into dairy substitutes, which are not only delicious, but also more attentiveHealthier than their dairy counterparts, it also has a strong nutritional impact.When I calculatedby-Heavy-flavored cream, whipped cream, cream cheese and whey cheese I was very shocked compared to cashew cream.I shared my detailed nutritional research on these soybeansfree, dairy-free, heart-I find and am very happy to be awarded the Purple Star in September 15, 2013 for my article.I have been making my cold vegetable soup for decades.Everyone loves it, but since I don't use the recipe, each batch is a bit different.Finally, I decided to write down the quantity of each ingredient and the type and quantity of seasonings I put into the next few batches and improve the proportion of ingredients and seasonings.This made me create a repeatable, reliable recipe for my delicious, healthy, refreshing, cold and cold vegetable soup.I know that once I quantify the size, I would like to share the recipe, so I took some photos while calculating the quantity and seasoning.September 15, 2013.On the same day it was published, I was ecstatic when it won the shining stars award.The photo above shows my personal copy of "funky feet: paint, Polish and love your shoes (and bags )!\".When I saw the challenge of trying a cunning hobby book review task in Septmber 2013, I immediately knew that I wanted to write an articleTrendy feet: paint, Polish and love your shoes (and bags )!, Lead me to successfully complete the awesome book of the "shiny" transformation of my tired old comfortable sandals (see Purple Star lens #3, which is also the lens of the day/LOTD on May 7, 2012 ).When her challenge winner was announced, Jennabee25 explained how she had chosen the cunning hobby book review from all submissions to receive the Purple Star honor: \ "The ones I have chosen are outstanding because of their content, the depth of the photos and the general creativity of the way the theme is presented.I also chose what I felt I could learn.Trendy feet: paint, Polish and love your shoes (and bags )!As one of the five cunning hobby book reviews awarded to purple stars.As Halloween approaches, I'm interested in some of the very smart, creative, fun, and sometimes creepy Halloween dessert recipes I 've seen that come mainly from very talented and creative cuisineI really want to share the best Halloween desserts I 've found as I know a lot of people will plan Halloween parties and will love these very scary Halloween dessert recipes.In addition, I am eager to introduce more people to these amazing bloggers and their blogs.But just trying to describe the dessert and provide a link without these Halloween dessert photos, there is no incentive for readers to view these wonderful recipes on the blog.I'm not sure if the three food bloggers who post photos to 9 of my favorite 10 horrible Halloween desserts will let me use their amazing photos, but I nervously contacted Beth Jackson Klosterboer of The Hunger incident blog, Jamieanne of the sweetest Kitchen blog, meaghan Mountford on the decorating cookies blog asks them to allow their photos to be shared in my "best" horrible Halloween dessert recipe article.There is also a video of chef Duff Goldman making eye cupcakes.I was even happier when my article was awarded the Purple Star in September 30, 2013!Whether you bake it yourself or buy it from a bakery, chilled and/or decorated cakes are a real challenge to carry and store easily and safely.Without damaging icing or decorations, it is difficult to cover the sorbet and keep it fresh, or even to transport it to parties, schools, offices, etc.The Wilton portable cake box allows you to store and carry cakes safely.I wrote a review and I was happy when it was selected as a purple product review for the day of December 13, 2013.Note: since then I have found a cake box that I prefer and I may review it in the future.During this period, I canceled the review of this caddie.I can't tell you how excited I was when the new project was launched in January 2014, I was one of the first writers to become an official Squidoo contributor!I became a Squidoo contributor to "bracelets, gadgets and beads.Of course, I shared jewelry making techniques, tips and tutorials, and also developed a community of other jewelry making enthusiasts who want to share their experiences, expertise, projects and reviews of jewelry making books, tools, storage and other products..Get Shiny purple stars on the bio/profile page-my 25th!A metal clay article I wrote earlier was about different forms of metal clay.When I first published this, there were only four forms of metal clay: block Clay, slip or paste, syringe and paper clay.As metal clay powders become more and more popular and widely used, more and more manufacturers are beginning to provide metal clay formulations in powder form, and I have added information about this fifth metal clay.January 17, 2014 was selected as the honor of purple star.As a contributor to "bracelets, gadgets and beads", one of my goals is to use step-by-step tutorials.I want to start with a complex design that uses basic jewelry making techniques that even beginners can make successfully.So in honor of Valentine's Day 2014, I designed a pair of elegant earrings with a striking and classic red color, white and black color palette with red heart beads and joined vertical lines when wearing earrings, A lot of exercise can be done.step-by-Very close to us.Make photos and professional jewelry making tips to make sure that even the jewelry for the newbie can be made successfully and wear or give away with pride.
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