flush mount ceiling light fixtures tips on how remove flush mount ceiling fans

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-24
Flush mounted ceiling fans are widely used as cooling mechanisms in many homes today.Due to their appeal, there are many types of products on the market to suit the design of the rooms they have installed.So with these fast changing styles and design trends, homeowners will choose to change their ceiling fans according to current trends.
Here are the suggestions on how to remove this particular cooling accessory by just using the ladder and basic carpenter skills.First of all, you need to disconnect the power to cool the fan.This is the most critical preventive measure, because in the process of dismantling, the wires will undoubtedly be exposed, and by cutting off the flow of electrical energy, you will certainly prevent the possibility of electric shock.
Turn off the power supply by flipping the switch on the circuit breaker.Secondly, you need to unscrew the light bulb and light fixture.You have to take out the dome before you finish this taskShape glass cover located at the bottom of the ceiling.
Prepare to catch the lid once it is taken out to avoid breaking.Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws on the lamp and remove all the screws.Take out the lighting in the same way.After this is achieved, the cables and wires need to be uncovered by pulling down the lighting equipment.
Then, the fixture needs to be released from the cooling fan.Third, you must remove the fan blade by loosening and unscrewing the anchor screw.Be extra careful whenever you perform this procedure, as the weight and size of the ceiling fan rotor blades can give you excessive power to lose stability.
It is recommended to seek the support of another person in taking this action.Store the blade in a safe place and place the anchor screws in a separate position so as not to confuse all screws with the screws of other components.You should then pull down the ring placed on the ceiling.
In this way, each wire that can be fixed on the ceiling fan bracket cover may be completely exposed.Once you remove the screws from their respective positions, you have to put the lid down and then expose the cable connection on the ceiling.Once again, every time you deal with wire connections, take additional precautions and do not damage them.
Finally, you need to remove these wire connections.To do this, lift the motor unit of the ceiling fan and allow it to hold the angle attachment tightly.To disconnect the wire, loosen the nut and pull the wire open to each other.
To complete the installation, please lift the motor unit again and take it out of the bond.Sixth, this is the last stage where you need to remove the flush mounting bracket from the light box using a screwdriver
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