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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-11

Replacing ceiling fixtures is not necessarily a difficult task.Technically, there are only three wires in the lighting equipment.-Two live wires and one groundTo connect, this can be a do-as long as the power is off-it-Your own project.If there is no fixture in your room at the moment, it is best to have the electrician run the new line for you on the ceiling.Turn off the power of the existing fixture by turning off the electric Box breaker in the room you are working on.Remove the globe and twist the light bulb.Loosen the fixture from the paint on the ceiling using a tool knife to avoid damage.Screw down the mounting screws.This will allow you to pull the fixture away from the mounting plate.Unscrew the wire nut and separate the wire of the fixture from the electric box.Unscrew the existing mounting plate.Fix the mounting plate on the electric box.The fixtures you purchase will have their own mounting brackets, screws and wire nuts.Clamp the end of the wire with the cutter.Remove the protective coating and expose the fresh wire using the wire stripping device, so that the connection makes a sound.Connect the fixture line to the wire of the electric box using the supplied wire nut.Color match color.Align the opening of the fixture to the mounting plate and use the screws provided to connect.Screw in the bulb and connect the globe.Make sure that the lid or nut that holds the globe in place is not overly tightened.Too tight can cause the earth to break.Turn on the room power and flip the light switch to check the installation.
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