flush mount ceiling light fixtures do i remove foil-backed foam from light fixtures? | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-11

The fixture has a foil backing inside the base.The foil backing is attached to a thin layer of insulation.The combination of foil and insulation removes the heat of the bulb from the ceiling where the wire is located.Removing foil insulation can cause the fixture to operate in an unsafe manner.However, it may be necessary to remove the screw hole or the part of the foil insulation around the edge to fit the base.Check the fixture base where the foil backing is located and determine the exact location where the foil needs to be cut.In case the foil interferes with the edge of the base, dry the Mount base and determine how many foil backing must be removed to make it properly installed.In the case of the screw hole, accurately locate the position of the screw hole on the base and the position where the foil needs to be cut so that it does not hinder the screw.Score foil backing with a tool knife in the cutting position.You may need to run the knife several times in this area to go through the foil.In the case of a screw hole, draw a square part around the hole.Cut into the insulating material under the foil with a knife.Cut the surface as close as possible.Pull out the cutting area of the foil and insulation by hand.Straighten the insulation from the base to avoid tearing off the insulation from areas that are never intended to be removed.Scrape the surface of the base with the edge of the common blade to remove any residual insulation or adhesive.
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