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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-26
Energy-saving bulbs are taking over from old bulbsOld-fashioned incandescent lamps phased out from the UK.But why are UK consumers being asked to replace new compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting?Will they really benefit from change?Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the new low energy option.The compact fluorescent bulb is a major improvement to the original tungsten filament bulb, which has barely changed since its invention in 1879.
Almost all of the power input into the new low-energy bulb is eventually converted to light energy, compared to only 10% of incandescent lamps.The amazing improvement in energy efficiency is good news for the Earth.Most of the electricity produced in Britain comes from coal.
fired and gas-Burning a lot of dirty, non-burning power plantsRenewable fossil fuels to generate electricity the country needs to keep the lights burning brightly.Coal releases a lot of carbon dioxide when it burns.Carbon dioxide is the gas that causes the greenhouse effect.
it warms our Earth to dangerous high temperatures.If climate change is allowed to continue, it may lead to severe flooding in some areas and drought in others.Ironically, due to global warming, the British people may end up shaking because the disruption of normal weather patterns may prevent the Gulf Stream from bringing warm air to our country from the south.
Reducing electricity consumption can also bring economic benefits.According to the Energy Saving Trust, changing all the bulbs in your home to energy saving bulbs can help you save about 55 bulbs per year.Compact fluorescent bulbs also have a much longer life span than conventional bulbs.
While an old bulb usually lasts about 1,000 hours before it goes out, the compact fluorescent lamp can flash up to 10,000 hours consistently and brightly, so once you switch it off, before they need to replace it, they will last for a long time.Many of the shortcomings that made early low energy bulbs so unpopular have been addressed in the latest models on the market.People have complained that it will take a long time for the energy-saving bulb to reach full brightness, but the technical improvements mean that the light will flash brightly once you press the switch.
Again, many people say they don't like low-energy bulbs because they emit blue light.It feels very cold.However, it is now possible to purchase a "warm" energy-saving bulb that will emit a slight yellow colorLight light similar to the light generated by traditional options.One cannot avoid the fact that compact fluorescent bulbs look different from last year's delicate filament bulbs.
The compact fluorescent bulb consists of opaque white tubes containing gases that glow when current passes through.The most famous shape is the spiral shape, but you can also buy a light bulb like a candle flame, which most people think is much more elegant.The biggest drawback of the energy-saving bulb is that it contains toxic mercury.
So you have to be very careful when cleaning up the bad bulb.Open the window to ventilate the room so you don't breathe in any mercury smoke and wear gloves when cleaning up the debris.Seal the broken pieces with plastic bags and throw them away.
Energy-saving bulbs are more efficient than filament bulbs, but they have longer life and less power, so they save you money in the long run.Overall, the benefits of energy-saving bulbs are greater than a few disadvantages.By switching to a low energy bulb, you can save money and help slow down carbon dioxide emissions from UK power stations.
Both your bank balance and the Earth's atmosphere will thank you for the changes you made
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