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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-26
Skypanels enables you to transform any room using fluorescent covers with amazing patterns and designs.The installation of the fluorescent board helps to stimulate natural light and spread the light evenly without minimal glare.In addition, these are costs.effective.The revolutionary invention of the decorative fluorescent cover brought the old LED technology to its peak.
You can light up your home, office, school, hospital or the whole building with a decorative diffuser to show what you thinkSwollen white clouds, flowering cherry trees, purple blue flowers jac flowers, picturesque sky views of seagulls and hot air balloons.The decorative fluorescent hood is an unparalleled choice for those eager to bring the outdoor spirit to the interior.With this, the cover plays a significant role in protecting against health risks associated with unfiltered light.
Yes, studies have shown that prolonged exposure to fluorescence can have a negative effect on human health.Why are unfiltered fluorescent lamps harmful?The life of fluorescent lamps is very long compared to their price & can last 13 times.They need a fraction of the energy they consume like a bright flash.
No wonder many businesses use them for office and retail space.Not good for human health.The side-Effects related to unfiltered fluorescence include eyes-Due to endocrine disorder, hormonal cycle disorder, increased obesity and tumor formation, tension, headache, migraine, and poor immune system.Why do you need a fluorescent lamp cover?Unfiltered light can have a negative impact on health.
Fortunately, with proper filtering, most of the damage can be eliminated or even reversed.This alone is a huge reason to install decorative panels in your office, home or store.Decorative covers and diffusion plates manufactured by Skypanels filter the fluorescence and change the range of light that reaches the eye.
It minimizes the glare of unfiltered fluorescence.1.Reduce Eye-You can eliminate glare caused by unfiltered fluorescence by installing an acrylic diffuser, thus preventing headaches related to light sensation.2.Turn unfiltered fluorescence into full spectrum to help your body produce key hormones that synchronize sleep cycles, emotions, stress, and anxiety.
Filter color-lighting panel and diffuserCorrect ColorBalance the light, reduce seasonal depression, sleep disorders, optimal vision, stress and anxiety, and reduce the risk of cancer.4.Affordable PriceThe fluorescent board filters the light on the spectrum, increasing the output of the fluorescent light.Now you can effectively reduce the cost of light energy by using fewer fluorescent bulbs.
Because the lighting panel spreads light evenly, it allows the eyes to be less tense, which in turn provides a way for more energy and better intelligent accuracy
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