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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-26
Rising energy prices and the environmental crisis have led people to look for energy-efficient lighting options.Fluorescent lighting is not only energy-efficient, but also lasts longer.If you have any fluorescent lighting in your home, you may notice that it takes a few seconds before the lights are fully turned on.
This delay is often the cause of the ballast fluorescent lamp, which controls the current through the bulb in order to work perfectly.This is how fluorescent ballasts work.At the initial stage, it provides the bulb with a high voltage to start the electronic discharge.Next, control the current through the lamp to keep the discharge.
If fluorescent lighting needs to change the ballast, it is very important to consider a series of properties such as voltage, Watt, peak coefficient, etc.Using the wrong ballast can damage the fluorescent lamp by reducing the output and service life.It is highly recommended to purchase fluorescent lamp ballasts online as details and photos help to find the exact ballast needed.
There are generally three kinds of ballast for straight, round and compact.Let's learn more about these types of details.The straight fluorescent ballast is long and thin attached to the fixture.
In general, the inserted bulb is from one end to the other, is the most common ballast, is preferred in office or business.Each group has 2 or 4 bulbs with a translucent lid on the light to reduce the brightness of the bulb.The second bulb will continue to light up when 1 bulb burns out, although the whole effect will get darker.
Circular fluorescent ballasts are not common compared to straight ones.Its use is usually found in modern lighting, most often at home.This ballast is better when it comes to lighting specific areas, as the lighting is more concentrated, thus increasing the desired appearance inside the house.
The third is the compact ballast used in the CFL, also known as the energy-saving lamp.Different manufacturers have made this special type of ballast in different shapes.It can be found on black lights, color bulbs and standard CFL bulbs.
Compared to other types, it is widely used today and environment-friendly because it has much less power compared to the bright room and 10 times more than the normal bulb
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