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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-18

Whether you have broken chandeliers, pole lights, wall fixtures or overhead fluorescent lights, you want to deal with broken lights immediately.Broken glass and light fixtures can hurt children or pets.Dealing with broken lights is not always as simple as putting debris in a trash can.Some lamps contain hazardous substances and special disposal procedures are required to prevent chemicals from entering the landfill.Most fixture handling methods are easy, but you need to understand the processing options in your community.Twist the bulb off the broken fixture.If the bulbs are broken, put them in paper bags.Then put the paper bag in the plastic bag and tie the plastic bag.Please save the bulbs if they are not obviously damaged.You can use them again.If your fixture is broken into small pieces, wrap it the same way.If you have a pole light that is half broken, you may want to skip the bagging as long as the pieces are not sharp.Contact the local public works department for recommended disposal of your bad lights and bulbs.Let the employee know what type of lamp you have (fluorescent or incandescent) and answer his questions.Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and other chemicals that classify them as hazardous waste.Each community has specific disposal procedures for this bulb.Follow the disposal policy of the community.You may be told to put the bulbs and light fixtures in the trash and dispose of them with normal household waste.If broken fixtures are made of metal, glass, or plastic materials, you can recycle them (as in New York City ).Alternatively, you may need to take the item to a landfill or hazardous material collection station or wait in your community for the scheduled collection of hazardous materials on the side of the road.
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