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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-17

Fluorescent lamps are widely used for their low operating costs.As with other lighting fixtures, fluorescent lamps are sometimes not working properly.Other factors, such as the worn starter and loose or oxidized electrical contacts, may also cause the fluorescent lamp to not work properly, in addition to the burnt pipe.It is usually not complicated to troubleshoot the fluorescent lamp, but several parts of the lamp need to be checked.If the fluorescent tube flashes or goes off when you turn on the light switch, remove the light diffuser (if any ).The optical diffuser is a plastic piece covering the lamps and lanterns.To remove, press the clip or remove the screw that holds the diffuser.After removal, observe the black spots near both ends of the bulb on the fluorescent tube.Please replace the tube if there are spots, as this situation indicates that the tube is close to failure or defective.The dark spots are generated by mercury emissions that are highly depressed at startup.Gently push the fluorescent tube into the socket.The tube must tighten the socket in order to work correctly.The socket may be loose if the tube moves.Power off at the main circuit breaker.Remove the fluorescent tube and enter the socket inside the lamp.Turn on the voltage tester, point to the socket, one at a time to make sure there is no current in the socket.Swing sockets to test if they are loose.If yes, tighten the screws on the socket using the Philips screwdriver.Check the socket pins.Please replace them if they are damaged or oxidized.Loosen the screws that hold the pins using a screwdriver.After removing the pin, check the contacts at the end of the wiring inside the socket.Wipe any green or white oxidized material on the wire contacts with a cotton swab soaked with clean alcohol.Bring the old spires to the store so you know which size to buy.Insert the new tip into the socket and tighten it with the original screw.The old fluorescent lamps use the starter (also known as the ballast) to light the tube.These are usually cylindrical, in silver color, screwed on a fixture near the tube.Each fluorescent lamp has its own starter.Press the starter in, then rotate clockwise and screw the screws.Take the old appetizer to the store.The size of the fluorescent starter is not universal.Different models of fluorescent lamps have their own special starter size and voltage.Look for the model number, size and voltage level printed on the old starter to match the new one you want to buy.Push the new starter into the starter seat and turn clockwise until tightened.Do not over-Tighten the starter when installing.
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