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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-30

The old iron lamps are both practical and decorative, ranging from simple to gorgeous, with various shapes, sizes and designs.The carbon content of the old iron is higher than that of the new type of metal, which reduces its tensile properties and is more brittle.Its most serious problem is rust, time and old lines.The cleaning and re-wiring of the old iron floor lamp will increase its value.Unplug the lamp and remove the lampshade and bulb.Set them aside.Scrub the iron sleeve, Rod, base and feet with a hard brush to remove rust and dirt.Press hard to get the bristles into the corners and gaps in the engraving area.Cover all surfaces except inside the socket with a light spray of lubricating oil.Rub objects with a fine piece-Remove the sand cloth with residual rust.When the cloth removes rust, the oil prevents unnecessary scraping and lubrication of moving parts.Remove the socket and disconnect the old wire.If the screw is stubborn, it can be loosened by spraying it with lubricating oil.Pull out the wire through the base.Wipe the lamp parts with a soft cloth soaked in mineral spirits to remove oil and residual rust.Pack all parts of the lamp with old newspaper paper and place them in a warm and dry place for 72 hours to remove all moisture that may cause rust.Remove the newspaper, wipe it gently with a rag and spray it slightly with lubricating oil.Another option would be to apply a thin layer of paste wax with a cloth and cushion it under the gloss.Both methods can prevent the damp of cast iron and prevent oxidation.Reconnect the light and connect the new cable through the base and bar to the socket.Socket end, 1/2-The inches of two bare wires are insulated.Wrap the wire around the screw and tighten it with a screwdriver.Restore the bulbs and shadows and insert the lights.
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