floor lamps How Floor Lamp can Improve your house Look.

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-17
The floor lamp is a lamp with a high height and standing on the floor.The floor lamp can be used not only as a lamp, but also as a decoration for the room.You should determine the purpose of the floor lamp before purchasing it.If you use a floor lamp to read, the light bulb must emit a bright light.Many people are unable to test the power of the bulb in the floor lamp.The greater the power of the bulb, the greater the power it consumes.The Watt of the floor lamp should not be too high.It should have enough wattage to illuminate the room.In this way, you won't waste meaningless cash on your electricity bill.Sometimes, the light bulb reading the floor lamp should be at least 120 watts.Lamps with halogen lamps require smaller watts when white light is emitted.If the floor lamp is used for decoration, the brightness of the light is not an important problem.For decorative purposes, the light bulb of the floor lamp should produce a dimmer sufficient to illuminate the room.You must define the peak of the floor lamp.The bottom of the lampshade must be at the same level as your eyes.You can sit on the sofa and write down the height of your eyes.The standard peak of the floor lamp is 38 42 inch.The wider lampshade will make the room brighter.The width of the floor lamp should be at least 15 inch.You should also consider the scale of the floor lamp.The size of the floor lamp must be compatible with the furniture.If you have a large sofa, your floor lamp should have a larger size.There are many styles of floor lamp, including modern, national, standard, task reading, etc.You need to choose a floor lamp that is closely related to the type of room.Shelf floor lamps and moreFor a room with the latest style, the headlights are acceptable.Task reading floor lamp provides adjustable reading lamp suitable for reading books.The base of the country floor lamp is very thick and bell-shaped.Country floor lamps are the most common standard floor lamps in houses.The floor lamp also has a variety of finishes to choose from, including brass, bronze, Brown, and gold tones.You must decide what money you are prepared to save for the purchase of floor lamps.Price of floor lamp from $15-$1000.The latest floor lamp is usually expensive due to its unique design.It is recommended that you buy brand floor lamps because they are strong and durable.Floor lamps made from untrusted brands are cheap because they don't last long.You can use the discount if your budget is small.Discounts can be found in newspapers, magazines, and store catalogues.You can also find the discount code on the online discount website.
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