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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-24
Feng shui is a traditional method in China to help people achieve their goals and succeed by placing items such as furniture.The word "wind" means "wind" and "water" means "water ".Because feng shui is suitable for other rooms of the house, it is also suitable for dining room and dining room furniture.The use of feng shui principles in restaurants is considered to stimulate conversation and appetite.The core of the Feng Shui principle is the flow of Chi, which is usually translated as "air" or "energy ".The dining room furniture should be like this and should be arranged in one way to facilitate the optimal flow of Chi in the room.The layout of furniture should be free from stagnation and restriction.Chi must be allowed to flow gently in the room.Table: usually the principle of Feng Shui requires that there should be some open space in the center of the room;However, there is an exception to this rule in terms of dining furniture.Here, the dining room table itself should be in the center of the room, preferably equal to the two sides of the room.There should be enough space around the table for people to sit and get up comfortably;i.e.The area should not be crowded.It is also considered that the shape of the table should be round or oval, or even octagonal without sharp edges, so as not to hinder the flow of Chi.In fact, the round table will also stimulate conversation, because the distance between people who sit down and eat is small.If your table is square or rectangular, it may be beneficial to place a circular or octagonal central part in the center.This is also considered to promote the flow of gas.Dining room chair: according to the principle of Feng Shui, you should place an even (not odd) chair around the dining room table to create balance.In addition, there should be enough space behind the dining chair to facilitate people's movement and comfortable seating.It should be noted that the chair is not blocking any entry and exit points.Choose a relaxed dining room chair supported by a comfortable back to enhance the dining experience.Lighting: From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is best to avoid restaurant furniture with insufficient light, crowded or cluttered space and heavy or dark.The area should be well lit, perhaps with a bright central light such as a chandelier above the center of the table.Candles can also be used, but they should be used to enhance the light rather than being the main light source in the room.Although the restaurant usually has two doors as it will help with better natural light in the room as well as cross ventilation, people think it would be better if the doors were not face to face.
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