dining room pendant light Tips on Choosing a Chandelier for High-Ceilinged Dining Rooms

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
dining room pendant light Tips on Choosing a Chandelier for High-Ceilinged Dining Rooms
Chandeliers are sparkling jewelry in any room, especially in the restaurant.The chandelier not only provides the necessary environment and light, but also often serves as the focus of the room.Like the seemingly endless style of jewelry, almost any home decoration has a wide variety of chandeliers.Choosing the perfect chandelier for a particularly high ceiling dining space can be challenging.The key point is to choose a chandelier that has enough visual weight to avoid being swallowed up by space.The proper height of the chandelier is proportional to the ceiling height.In rooms with high ceilings, a common complaint is that the standard chandelier is too small for space.Use this simple rule of thumb to help solve this problem: the chandelier should be 2 for every 1 feet of the room height.5-to 3-High in inches, designer Halon Burton is recommended.For example, there are 12-Foot ceiling, the chandelier should be 30-to 36-inches high.Another point to consider is the visual weight of the work.A large and gorgeous chandelier occupies more visual space than a minimalist design.Choose an eye-catching piece while looking to stay in sync with other decorations.A gorgeous chandelier, dripping in the crystal, is the right focus in the formal dining space.The same works don't look right in a modern stylish design room.When purchasing a fixture, be sure to check the retailer's return policy.While a dress looks perfect in the store and fits all the general guidelines, it may feel uncomfortable once you take it home.In a room with a high ceiling, the chandelier that draws eyes down from the ceiling into the room usually looks the best.Interior designer Maria Killam recommends the use of tear-drop chandeliers for rooms with high ceilings.For high ceilings, any elongated fixture is a good choice as it occupies a vertical visual space.The spacious circular chandeliers make the most of the standard or lower ceiling rooms.For barrel-Shape, select the fixture with the widest part in the center of the chandelier or the lower half.Traditionally, above the table is the right place to hang the restaurant chandelier.The general rule of hanging fixtures on a table is to leave the bottom of the lamp 30 inch from the table top.In a room with a high ceiling, hanging a chandelier at this height leaves a lot of negative space between the chandelier and the ceiling, making it appear unbalanced.Killam recommends choosing an oversized chandelier and hanging it on the table.Hanging 4 or 5 feet high chandelier above the table makes the visual focus in the room.When breaking 30-Inch rules, make sure the chandelier gives enough light to eat and interact with guests.If you like this work, but the room feels too dark, illuminate it by adding extra mission lighting or floor lamp to the space.
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