dining room pendant light House of the week: 74 High Street, East Launceston

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-15
This Hampton-style residence is unique, very luxurious and highThe terminal features a premium tone throughout the home with the best marble and inlaid oak floors, sublime, gorgeous corn and dado paneling walls.Located in the famous East Launceston campus, the hotel is adjacent to the Launceston water sports center, local cafes and butchers.Inside, open-The flat-screen living room and the amazing dining room are at the heart of the entertainment success, as well as a Calacatta marble kitchen with 2pac carpentry, dual ceramic sink, integrated dishwasher and refrigerator and free-Double cooker.
The French door of the kitchen overlooks a private courtyard with its own small tennis court.The main suite is located on the first floor with resort facilities-Create a luxurious style in a relaxed and private environment.Have an amazing en-The suite features a skylight, open shower, separate bathtub, and Astra Walker tapware.
There are three oversized bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs.Throughout the family, 100% of wool carpets, wood plantation blinds and quality clear curtains add to the luxurious style and feel of the hotel.Central heating/air with partition-Air conditioning and MyAir programming, remote control when needed, and full landscape garden using irrigation watering system.
Every design and detail of this hotel has been carefully considered, and the standard of completion is second to none.Looking for a new home?This handy home map can help you with your search.Click on the map below to zoom in on the required suburbs.
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