dining room lighting the difference between a formal dining room & dining room

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-14

The design of the restaurant depends on whether you like the formal area or the informal area.Some restaurants are more suitable for formal decoration, while others are more casual.The location of the room and how you plan to use the space helps determine the best design style.The formal dining room is usually its own, while the informal dining room sometimes shares space with the kitchen or living room.The formal dining area may have a door to close it from the kitchen and the rest of the house.Pass-The dining room is also separated from other rooms, but they have an open door that allows you to cross the restaurant from one room.A pass-Passing through the room is less formal than a separate room, but it can still be used as a formal or informal space due to its independence.Most formal restaurants are traditional.Style of wooden furniture.Compared to the simple modern design, the chairs in the style of Chippendale, Queen Anne and Sheraton all have a more formal look.Informal furniture styles may be made of modern materials rather than wooden or glass desktops.The simple straight leg design or farm table also offers a less formal look.While certain furniture styles are more suitable for formal dining areas, the accessories used in the room further determine the form of the space.Even if the furniture style is more informal, the fine linen provides a formal look.The less formal table is covered with heavy linens or lace tablecloths.There is no tablecloth and the quality wooden table may look more formal.Heavy lined curtains made of dark colorsColored fine fabric or silk looks more formal than light curtains or scissors.Regardless of the furniture style, the table and floor mats make the room look less formal.Formal dining room chairs rarely have chair cushions, which can inject some color and comfort into the informal design.Both formal and informal, these accessories complete the look of the restaurant.The chandelier or Chandelier offers a more formal choice when in the dining room table.Silver or crystal candle holders, pitchers and serving are more formal than glass or ceramic materials.Laying a carpet under the table can also change the feeling of the room.Modern design or light color carpet looks more informal, while dark carpetPersian-The carpet looks more formal.
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