deer antler chandelier Rocky Mountain Decor

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-09

What do people think is the appeal of country cottage bedding?This bedroom has an aesthetic appeal to men, women and children, and it offers a comfortable feeling of vacation.It reflects the feeling that people experience seclusion together with the beauty of nature on the mountain.What is the cottage decoration?Imagine a holiday home or a second home in the Rocky Mountains, Northwoods, smoky mountains or your favorite lake.If you're lucky, the home has large windows and extended decks with stunning views of sparkling water or spectacular peaks and mountains.Inside are bare wooden beams and comfortable rooms with vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and stone fireplaces.The decoration is simple.These are spaces to celebrate the life of nature, mountains and/or lakes and traditional furniture.The updated Mountain Life features a vast space of comfort that encourages relaxation and appreciation of comfort.Showcase your antiques and collectiblesI moved to Colorado 15 years ago and before that I wasn't even sure if I had considered this look in my bedroom.Visiting Aspen in Colorado and renting an amazing mountain apartment changed my mind.The large space with arched pine ceiling is decorated with upscale log furniture, antlers chandelier, river rock fireplace in the bedroom, large rooms and high-end coordinated bedding with natural views of Pendleton Woolen Mill, patchwork.Charming and comfortable.While the appearance is not for everyone, nor for each decoration, it is very effective for mountain cabins, wooden houses, ski houses or summer huts by the lake.While not as expensive as my Aspen vacation rental, one of my favorite bedding items is these country cottages or cabins.Cabin bedding is usually made up of sheets, pillowcases, sheets and quilts, and even in your college student's bag there are cabin bedding sets that they want to use to coordinate the dormitory.Mountain Lodge, ski lodge or outdoor themed bedding.These sets may feature traditional vintage bases for Pine, bear, moose, goose, deer, elk, sport fishing or mountain cabins.Cabin cabin bedding provides a comfortable choice for your bedroom.The idea behind the appearance of the cottage is a place to update, relax and rewind.The purpose of this decoration is comfort and simplicity to make you and your guests feel welcome and peaceful.Creating a quiet retreat is the goal of many people who love mountain life, or dream of having a second holiday home in the shadow of mountain peaks.If you want to create a mountain or cottage style bedroom theme, you should start with the cabin bedding.Decorate your bedroom with natural wood or log bedroom furniture and hand made light fixtures.Choose the paint of the earth tone to keep the window handling simple.
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