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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-31
The beauty of colored bronze is that when used in indoor space, it adds a certain warmth and retro charm to attract anyone's attention.Although bronze may be traditional, it is also well suited to contemporary themes.Lighting fixtures for bronze finishes are a great way to bring metal warmth home, so in this finish let's take a look at the five unique chandelier designs for Minka Lavery.
The chandelier is often reminiscent of a large overwhelming amount of light hanging from the ceiling of a large room.This classic design is also filled with complex details and decorations such as crystal pendants or strings hanging on the main body of the chandelier.Bella Christo takes this traditional Image fairly with its metal and glass body, and the upward-facing lights are dotted with wrinkled champagne tones.
Completed in French bronze, golden leaf highlights, and Eidolon Krysta accents, this chandelier can turn an ordinary exterior space into a space worth boasting to guests.The combination of bronze and glass is the perfect combination of modern interior design.The design of light rain is like this, it attracts people's attention with simplicity and delicacy, not showing off.
The metal body and arms radiating from it are finished in bronze.At the top of each such arm is a downward light wrapped in transparent seed glass.When the warm light is reflected from the surface of the textured glass, it depicts an impressive picture, like a rainy day.
When the designer of Minka Lavery decided to borrow a little inspiration from the south --In the east of the world, the kimono chandelier was born.This pendant hanging on the bar and cable embodies refinement in every element of the design.From the ladderLike the metallic body in the antique Dorian bronze, to the two rows of cylindrical tones in beige silk, and the pattern of resistance to printing, this chandelier has exquisite aesthetics, traditional transition is the same as a contemporary family.
Bronze not only has a wide range of features in retro design, but also has a wide range of features in industrial design.This chandelier of Minka Lavery features a cable ring with a golden accent hanging in Harvard Court bronze.Hanging from this metal car, the Edison light bulb dressed in transparent glass and canslike shades.
The combination of metal and exposure features makes these 5-The light chandelier is the perfect choice for country or industrial themed spaces.This chandelier is a sight worth seeing, and thanks to its complex metal details and unique glass tones, it deserves a place in the collector's art gallery.The leaf design, twist and mosaic pen-shell tone of this Minka Lavery chandelier adds to the beauty of the Catra bronze chandelier.
The chandeliers collected by Minka Lavery include these and more amazing designs.So don't forget to browse the entire lineup of the next home makeover project
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