crystal dining room light What Is Lalique Glass?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-07

Created by French Glass designer Rene Jules Lalique, Lalique Glass is known for its unique perfume bottle, vase, chandelier, clock and jewelry style.May 1945.Rene Lalique has spent a lot of time studying art and design methods that he will continue to use in his later life.He and his family moved to Paris, where they saw wonderful works of art and began to be influenced by various methods of glassware.When he was twelve years old, he entered the University and began the art of sketching and painting.After his father's death, René became an apprentice to the goldsmith, Louis Occo, and attended the night school at the Academy of Art Deco or the Academy of decorative arts.He stayed there for two years, and then for a few more years at Sidney College of Art in London, England.After returning to France, he began working as a freelance artist to design jewelry for French jewelers.Including kattier, boucheren and many other brands.But it was not until 1885 when he started his own business that his business began to take off.He made his own jewelry and other glassware, known for his new art jewelry design, and began to create works for the new store of Samuel Binns in Paris.He continues to be one of the most famous glass creators in his field.His work is described as beautiful, and his unique style is synonymous with quality.He has made amazing works, one of which is the walls of illuminated glass and colored pillars that fill up the Dindy restaurant and the Grand Salon.With St's interior accessories, cross fonts and screensIt is located at Matthews Church in Jersey Milbrook.But a lot of people know him because his jewelry works and vases that show plants, flowers and so on are amazing.René is famous for his outstanding vase.The clever way he managed to produce amber, blue and plum, and colors like black and yellow, was to carefully add a small amount of paint to darken the glass.He then added geometric patterns with swirls and patterns.I believe that's why his work is so valuable.In order for it to have this unique gloss, he polished, glazed and frosted glass in his own unique style.What makes him so different, I think, is that he is also interested in making a glass mascot for a car hood or hat.The shape of the glass is fish, horse, frog and so on.Overall, Lalique created 29 mascots.Some of them are female nudity, and among all the mascots, Lalique has designed a clever way to make them shine.He cleverly inserted a small bulb into each mascot.He then added the filter, which changed the color in the glass.Then he put these on the most fashionable cars of the day such as Bentley, ispano SUISA and Bugatti, so it was wonderful to promote his amazing style to the world,Condition is the most important factor.Be careful with the debris in the glass, grinding edges and any converted holes, such as changing the bowl to a lamp, or removing the glass from the base.These things can really reduce value.You will be able to tell if the chips in the glass are modern pieces, as the old scratches will look more worn out.Color is important.All the pieces of glass are valuable, but the most popular ones are electric blue and dark purple crystals at a very high price.The small Lalique is fake.If it says Lalique then it's almost always the same.However, despite this, a large number of modern Czech glass called Lalique appeared in the signature.You have to be careful with these.When you buy a car mascot, you have to be very careful that they are not fake.The best way to see if it's real is to look at the bottom of it.The real Lalique car mascot is made of an accessory that can be screwed directly to the car.It is usually found that the fake Lalique has a flat base.A good way to find out if your Lalique glass is real is to reverse this piece and see how much the base is worn out.As I said above, you can't fake scratches, real scratches will have tiny lines or areas that rub off, and these are all signs of age.Most of the old Lalique products lose labels a few years ago, and in fact, most products never have labels.If you see a logo for a label that has recently been removed, then you can bet it is fake.Another good idea is to see if the object has a flat base.If so, it is likely to be false as the original is slightly rounded or concave.Check the color and density of the glass.In the 19 th century, Glass was treated with stains and other effects.Later, during the period of decorative art in the 1930 s, there was a piece of art.Be especially careful when buying online, not just from private sales, but also auctions.The price of Lalique glass can start at several hundred dollars and reach the sky price.Many people sold for thousands of dollars.
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