crystal chandelier with shade My Autumn Love Conclusion

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-03

Bridget pushed her plate away with satisfaction.This is one of the best breakfasts she can remember.Alex is also very satisfied.He is now very happy to give Princess Bridget a great trip because they all had a good meal.Alex showed Bridget different levels on board and commented on them.He told her that the Coral Princess is a model of 2002 and that the building is proof of its glory.From the crystal chandelier to the luxurious carpet, it is indeed a princess.Bridget was not only fascinated by the ship;But in this person who has spent a lot of time explaining things to her.She began to realize how much she missed a man paying attention to her.She was scared too.Things are developing rapidly.forward.Bridget only wants a pleasant cruise;Attracted by the majestic look of Alaska, our largest state.She wants to take photos, talk to local residents, visit some cultural and artistic exhibitions, and then go home to rest, ready to turn her recent adventure into a full adventurelength novel.Now, however, she feels more like a character in her mystery story, wondering what will happen next.For she did not have full control over these experiences as she did in the book;She just has to listen to the hints from her heart.Alex speaks with his sexy English accent, which brings Bridget back to the present.Bridget wants to know how much Alex says she obviously missed.Can we sit down for a while? I'm a little windy.Said Bridget.But she didn't catch her breath seeing the wonderful ship, but because she was with Alex.Oh, I'm sorry, Bridget.I really don't understand you.Would you like me to buy you a black Pinot or a stronger one?Alex reads somewhere that Bridget likes to drink pinot noir while writing a novel.Yes Alex, pinot noir is a very suitable drink.I had such a wonderful day.âx80x9d She says.It's still early.Bridget, I don't mind being with you all day and all night!Alex can't believe he just said what he's been thinking since he first saw that beautiful middle classAn elderly woman walked to the information desk.Alex, are you listening?Now, you are the one who will never land.Bridget smiled shyly.Bridget, things happen so fast.Alex expressed her concerns cautiously.Yes, but I like it.Bridget admitted boldly.I like it too, Bridget.Alex replied, holding her hand and pinching it a little.Who will think that I will find you in the autumn of my life?Asked Bridget loudly.Alex looked deeply into the eyes of bridget.At this point, he knew he was lost.He decided to declare everything.Autumn is the best time of year.Spring brings rebirth and renewal of life.Summer is a busy time, life is full of activities, we always try to do other things with very little time on the journey.It always goes;Hurry, must be there.Alex continued.But things began to settle down in the fall.Nature has given her a signal that if autumn is here, then winter will not be too far away.We begin to reflect, recall and recall.Steady Pace;but not urgent.We began to appreciate everything we left behind.We begin to understand things.So, love is mature.Yes, I'm talking about Bridget.Love.Alex concluded.When Alex spoke, his voice became softer, so Bridget had to come close to him to listen.His Cologne smelled intoxicating.When their eyes meet, they know that what they find in each other is as real as autumn becomes winter.The discovery was so special that they could not breathe.Although they were very close, they did not touch or kiss.No further physical contact is required.As if the hypnotic curse would never be broken, Emily walked up to the couple.Well, do you both want to kiss or just stand there and count the pores on each other's skin?There was a smile in her voice.Bridget left Alex a little, but her eyes never left his.Emily, I want you to meet Bridget.Alex is a friend who helped us arrange this cruise.Jim interrupted me.But I think Bridget is beginning to get confused.I don't know that Pharaoh will take you on board.They just told me that they had a tired old friend that needed some airing.âx80x9d Alex says.Alex, I don't want you to know that our friend will be Bridget.If there is something between you two, Emma and I think it should be natural, not by interfering with friends.Jim told the confused couple.Alex, they're right.Thank you for everything you do.Said Bridget sincerely.No, let me thank you for being in the right place at the right time, Bridget, my love.Said Alex so gently.So, where are we going from here?Bridget asked her to feel younger than ever.âx80x9cKetchikan!Alex replied.End or new start!
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