crystal chandelier with shade How to Feng Shui the Dining Room for Good Health and Abundance

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-02

The restaurant is where we dine.The restaurant is also a place for family gatherings and where relatives and friends often have fun.Good feng shui and chi flow helps stimulate conversation and appetite in this room.In order to establish a good relationship or bond, the room should be functional, warm and welcoming.Feng shui in the restaurant contributes a lot to the digestive system and overall health of family members.For health and abundance.When we use feng shui in the restaurant, we should remember a few things.They are :-The ideal location of the restaurant is East, South-East, West, NorthOn the west side of your center.Avoid the restaurant to the north-From the center of the House to the east.It is better to have two doors in the room to promote the free flow of Chi, but not on the opposite wall, but directly align with each other.Ideally, the restaurant should be a peaceful place.Your restaurant should not be too close to the front door.If so, try placing a screen or bead curtain to block the line of sight.Use natural wood flooring if possible.The color of the restaurant includes paint for walls, tiles, furniture or decor.This room is perfect for dirt and natural colors.Some colors that match this room are pink, peach, yellow, green, beige, sky blue, cream, white, etc.In order to make the room attractive, the colors can be mixed and matched.Curtains and thick carpets or carpets can add to the beauty of the room or to the soothing texture that helps to absorb the sound and keep the quiet atmosphere of the room.It is preferable to use a tablecloth than a separate floor mat, as it encourages intimate relationships among family members.Make sure to use your beautiful tablecloth and good silverware from time to time as unused or stored utensils are considered bad feng shui.This room is best for pottery in simple shape.The ideal color of the tablecloth is blue in the north and green in the east.Also, if you are looking at the weight, you can use a blue tablecloth, a blue napkin, a blue plate, or a blue mat, as this color helps to reduce health conditions such as appetite and blood pressure.Painting and photos can add to the beauty of the room.This is an ideal place to enjoy the scenery and art works.However, this is not where old items or ancestral items are displayed.Many people use the picture of the last meal of Jesus in this room, but this is not an auspicious picture placed in the room.The four walls around the table are ideal for creating a relaxed and safe dining experience.It also encourages healthy conversations without distractions.In such an environment, you will also eat more slowly, which is good for the digestive system.However, if the restaurant is crowded, it can create stress in family relations and interfere with good digestion.Limit the number of dining room furniture that must be accommodated in this room.Lighting is the most important element in creating food.The flow of energy through the restaurant should be mild, but do not stagnate.Your table should have enough light, centered around the table so you can see what you are eating.Overhead lighting and natural lighting are recommended through windows.Use the dimmer switch to use flexible lighting, so you can use low lighting for romantic dinners, use brighter lighting for parties, and use normal lighting for daily use.Candles can also be used for romantic dinners.However, candles can be used as decorative or focused lighting, but should never be the main light source.The crystal chandelier in the middle of the dining table can help balance the chi in the room.But make sure it is centered on the table, not on the chair.Dining table is the focus of the restaurant.In other words, the table should occupy a central position with equal space on both sides and enough space for everyone to sit down and stand up from the table.The ideal shape of the table is round, oval or octagonal.Avoid sharp-Reclining furniture in the restaurant.When using a square or rectangular table, be sure to soften the corners.The furniture in the restaurant is too heavy, too dark and too old.Furniture should be easyto-clean surfaces.Wood is an ideal material for making furniture.However, the effects of different forests on chi Energy are different.Pine Wood is a great choice for furniture materials.When purchasing a Restaurant package, please choose a comfortable chair.Always put a few chairs around the table.The chair should have a back.Do not use broken furniture.Repair any loose legs or protruding nails on the tables and chairs.Decorate the table with a center, but make sure it doesn't take up too much desktop space and doesn't interrupt the person on the table to make eye contact with everyone on the table.Food is energy. what to eat is important.Fruits and vegetables are good food.If you or your family suffer from eating disorders, a faceted crystal ball or chandelier above the center of the table can help correct the situation.Bowl full of fresh fruit, preferably orange, can be placed on the table when the table is not in use.The mirror reflects the light and strengthens it.A mirror on the wall or sideboard reflects the healthy chi energy enhanced by the table, which can bring wealth and health to the whole family.Make sure there is always something attractive in the mirror.Also keep in mind that if your table is full of messy or unfinished items, the mirror doubles the clutter and workload.Clutter is not good for any room.Don't put too much furniture in the dining room, also make sure the room is always clean and tidy.The focus should be the table, not the other objects in the room..Remove all the clocks and calendars in the room and enjoy a relaxing and satisfying dinner.TV and mobile phones often interfere with our diet.It is best to turn it off when eating and let yourself enjoy the process of physical nutrition without any interference other than talking to your family.The number of diners is preferably even.When sitting at the table;The master should not let him or her return to the door.The most important person or the head of the family should sit in front of the table and face the door.Other auspicious directions are the mother of the Southwest, the son of the east, north or northeast, the daughter of the south, east or southeast.Distinguished guests should always be seated at the opposite door.Many lights in the restaurant stimulated the good flow of chi.The restaurant can be defined using a screen or plant to give it its own identity.It's a good idea to have a room overlooking the garden or the view.However, if the view outside is not attractive or offensive, cover the window in a loose, pastel color.Flowers with the right color can stimulate the good flow of chi on the table.A small aquarium with active little fish can be a great addition to the room, but be sure not to put it in the South.The soft music that accompanies your meal, preferably instrumental music, is a great choice for relaxing your meal.Prayer in the room brings great energy.So take the time before you start your meal to thank you for the abundance on your table and for the family and friends who dined with you.I hope that when designing a Feng Shui Restaurant, I have mentioned most of the things that need to be considered, which will bring health and abundance.For better results, it is recommended that you consult an expert in the field.
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