crystal chandelier lamp How to Pack a Crystal Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
crystal chandelier lamp How to Pack a Crystal Chandelier
Crystal chandelier is an art piece that makes your home a beautiful, more formal space.It's also an expensive, heavy project.Once you disconnect it from the ceiling, you will want to make sure that the fragile parts that make up the decorative lighting are intact --Protected during movement.So grab a friend and a sturdy box and be careful, vigilant and the right packing material to store your crystal chandelier.Prepare a heavy corrugated box for the chandelier.Measure it first to make sure it is large enough to accommodate the entire fixture.Make sure the box is large enough to include a piece of foam at the top and bottom.Buy one if you don't have a strong box.Seal the bottom of the box with a lot of tape.Take out all the bulbs on the chandelier and put them in a separate box.Pack carefully with newspapers, paper towels or bubble paper.Remove any removable chandelier.Some prism, chain or candle cups are usually connected with wires or hooks.Some fixtures come with removable arms with screws and nuts.Carefully wrap these pieces in a foam package and place them in a separate box full of packed peanuts.Place each item separately so that it has its own space and does not reach another item.Seal the box and label it as "fragile."Wrap your hands with ropes and wires, wrap or twist them with a tie.Do not use the tape because the wire will stick when you remove the tape.Put the chandelier upright in the box at the top of the bottom foam.Have your assistant scoop the peanuts into the box and completely surround the chandelier.Including wires and wires.Pay attention to keeping the chandelier as upright as possible.The chandelier should be packed tight enough so it doesn't move.Place another piece of foam on top of the chandelier.Close the box and seal it carefully.
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