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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-28

An at-Family wedding is ideal for intimate, private and intimateWedding and reception.One of the challenges of having a wedding at home is having enough space.If the living space is large and open, it is ideal for a small reception.The decor will be an element of turning the familiar living room into a wedding venue.Cover all sofas, chairs, recliner chairs and benches with clear white linens or linens in the color of the wedding party.This will help transform the room into an elegant setting.This will also protect the furniture from spills and stains.Keep the Lights soft and make you feel intimate and romantic.It is ideal to sprinkle a lot of candles and tea lights around the room.Be creative about candle holders.Use a crystal or elegant glass holderCountry style stone and wooden stand, stainless steel stand in modern style.For more unconventional weddings, use bolder lights such as small spotlights, hanging lanterns, and even sparkling disco ball chandeliers.You can also consider hanging white Christmas lights in the room.Put a piece of white or red fabric on the aisle the wedding team booked.This may enter the living room from the stairs, from the outdoors or from one room or another.Line up runners with lace to get a vintage feel.For a romantic feel, sprinkle the rose petals on the floor and focus on the area of the oath.For a beach-Inspired outdoor atmosphere, fill some flat and square trays and baskets with sand, and cleverly place shells and colored stones inside.Add some candles to the beach arrangement.Flowers can be subtle or bold.Place individual stems in many thin vases throughout the room, or place several complete arrangements on the table top, coffee table, railings and mantel.Vines and flowers wrapped around-real or silk--Around the stair railing.Add a big arrangement and the couple will exchange vows.You can use the stereo sound covered in white or lace linen and place a floral pattern on it.If you have enough space for a live combo, please specify a corner of the living room for the musician, away from the guests and newlyweds.
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