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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-16
If you think the lighting in the foyer is about hanging the chandelier and keeping the desk lamp, think about it!Here are insights into innovative lighting concepts to enhance the look, appeal and practicality of the foyer.
Contrary to what is generally believed, the foyer is an area in your house that needs special attention.After all, when your guests come to your place, this is the first thing they will see.This inevitably makes the entrance hall©Lighting is an important part of any home decoration project.
When it comes to Hall lighting, it includes natural lighting and ambient lighting.Since the natural light obtained in the foyer is entirely dependent on the building of the house, there is nothing to do about it, let's focus on the ambient lighting and the way to use it in the best possible way.

When deciding on the lighting of the foyer, the first thing to do is to look at the size of it.Is it wide or narrow?Is it a single layer or a double layer?Any day, a large two-story foyer needs more lighting than a single-story foyer.The second very important thing you should consider is the paint color on the wall of the foyer.
Usually, the paint color on the wall of the foyer is consistent with the adjacent room, however, if you plan to repaint the wall, choose a brighter hue, because they give the illusion of a wider, larger space.If you already have a wide foyer, you can definitely choose some interesting dark paint colors.

Let's start with the most popular crowd.If you have a high, wide, large foyer, just add a nice chandelier in the middle of the roof.Choose a crystal, metal or wrought iron chandelier depending on the rest of your home©Cole.
Also add some decorative desk lamps in the foyer as they fill up the large space to make it look beautiful.On the other hand, for those who have a small foyer at home, embedded lighting and wall lights are a great choice.
The best thing about embedded lighting is that it illuminates the space without leaving the impression of spending or taking up space.That's why a small foyer seems a bit wide if embedded lighting is used.

Focus on lighting, I.e., Specific lights you use on wall art, shelves, wall vases and other walls©The cor project is also very popular to highlight them.
So if you have some fine Wall artwork and you want your guests to notice them, please add clipsOn the lights or walls, see how their beauty is added!
Another interesting way of lighting is rail lighting.Track lighting can bring a lot of drama and style to your foyer©Cor, because it can be used to highlight any part of the wall d.©You are eager to get it at any given time!

Now, about the task lighting.The foyer is not just where you enter the house.It can sometimes be used for tasks such as tying laces or reading mail.
To make all these tasks easy, it is important that the foyer is good --lit.Often, the desk lamp proves to be the most efficient source for mission lighting, so if you're also using the foyer for similar activities, you can go to those.

When it comes to decoration, the foyer and corridor lighting itself can be used to enhance the beauty of these areas of your house.To enhance the aesthetic of the foyer, you can hang an etchedGlass chandelier on the ceiling.
Alternatively, you can even add a variety of chandeliers of different shapes to the foyer ceiling.If you have shelves on the wall of the foyer, you can highlight them with tea lights.If used properly, paper lanterns in China can enliven your foyer like no lanterns!
Another good idea for lighting in the foyer is floor bay lighting.e., Use a rope lamp to align the lower edge of the wall and install a recessed floor lamp with it.This combination does bring a very future modern appeal to your foyer.
No matter which type of lighting you choose, make sure to install the dimmer switch.With the dimmer switch, you can fully control the lighting level, so change it based on the amount of natural light you get throughout the day.
Second, the choice of lighting in the foyer depends on the look and feel you want to complete.Simple, elegant or grand, please pick and choose the foyer lighting accordingly!Of course, don't forget to tidy up and decorate the front porch of your house, after all, anyone who enters your foyer will go through it first.
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