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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-19
Color is one of the most important elements in home decoration.It can change the feeling and mood of the room, change the perception of the size, reflecting your own personality and function of the room.Keep in mind that the natural light received by the room will greatly affect the density of the color.
Rooms facing south or rooms with little light will look brighter, in color (pastel) or white or neutral.Rooms facing the North are well lit (feel very warm) for cooler colors like blue, green or purple.To make the room appear larger, cool tones are often used to paint the walls of the small room.
Andrea Lucena-Orr, a color planning expert at Dolos Australia, shared her advice on how colors and emotions interact....... It can create a feeling of happiness, sunshine and make the room look brighter.The yellow color exudes warmth and is always described as the color of summer.
...... It can give a feeling of peace and tranquility, and bring the illusion of spacious room.The Blues calm us down and remind us of our environment, the sky or the ocean....... You can create a warm, passionate feeling with a hint of excitement and a lot of heat.
As we all know, Red will increase blood pressure, help digestion, increase strength and strength.You certainly don't want to put a strong bright red color in the bedroom as it certainly doesn't encourage sleep or relaxation.However, it can have a dramatic look in the dining room or living room.
Friendly, safe, and reassuring colors help create a comfortable, private atmosphere....... It is relaxing and peaceful, creating a cool, fresh and calm atmosphere.Soft and vibrant green plants reflect the fresh balance of nature.
There are many colors of green plants that can be lime, mint, citrus or duck.Most green plants are suitable for any room in the home as they are easy to get along.Be careful to use darker green in small and dark spaces.
...... Pink and Lavender are warm, feminine colors that make the room feel soft, romantic and comfortable.Decorating with purple will create an illusion of grandeur.Purple has always been associated with the royal family in history, and purple has always maintained their sense of greatness.
Depending on the function of the room, there are many shades to choose from.Lavender is calm in the nursery and you can easily add rich eggplant colors to the characteristic walls of your living area....... It is a vibrant color, more green or blue can appear, and the overall impression is calm.
...... Perfect for a neutral background in a classical style, for any style of room.They are warm and friendly and can be successfully combined with vibrant featured colors or accents.marina.Williams @ fairfaxmediacom
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