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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-19
In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom and dressing room are also important items for construction or renovation.If you don't have a neutral palette to start with, you may find it not easy to add simple items such as seasonal decorations or changing towels or even tapware.However, National bathroom buyer Adam Cole and Reese bathroom business manager Daniel Santelli in Bonning are helping to provide some easy-to-use changes on how to make some easy-to-use changes to the bathroom or dressing roomNo bank damage!"A great bathroom can be a luxurious resort to relax after a busy day, or a functional space for the daily ritual of the family.
But updating the bathroom is not necessarily an expensive or timely exercise, "said Adam."With the right tips, tools and products, the bathroom remodel can meet any budget, whether it's a complete remodel or a small update to the renovation space.Daniela said that the bathroom trends in Australia are "evolving, drawing clues from international and local design trends in bathrooms and wider families, changing consumer needs and promoting new innovations ".
"For many, the bathroom is no longer a pure functional space, but a place to rest and relax-'One's living room', and a destination to retreat from outside pressure," she said."With the attention to the bathroom as a living space, the bathroom furniture has received new attention.We also see that as consumers seek solutions that are perfectly suited to the size and style of bathroom space, there is a growing demand for bathroom personalisation.
Some of the top trends she noticed include new shapes and contours, making dressers and mirrors using natural wood."When it comes to tapware, we see wall-"The installed basin mixer group is not the option to install it on the dresser," she said ."."The product adopts modern shapes and lines, incorporating modern aesthetics, as seen by the seamless, simple and exquisite look of the Laufen life Square series basins, which use saphirThis innovative technology demonstrates the use of thin but very powerful thin lines that are not possible.
We have also seen the growth of products using organic shapes that have a soft curve inspired by nature.The outline is clear and smooth, creating a soothing and relaxing space.As for inspiration, Adam said, look for images to help determine the look and feel of the new bathroom.
There is an interactive brochure on the website that provides inspiration and product advice.Replacing the dresser is an ideal way to decorate a damp room, says Adam."Replacing a tired old dresser is a great way to get the bathroom refurbished quickly.
"Choose a dresser that reflects the style of the bathroom and maximize the storage space," he said .".Daniela added: "There are a lot of easy ways to get a new bathroom look without a thorough overhaul.One of the easiest and most effective changes to update the bathroom is to update existing accessories such as taps and shower heads.
Using existing pipe points, the process is relatively simple to maintain while having a huge impact.Breathe new life into your bathroom by switching to modern styleLook at the basin mixerShe said there was a wall.The fitted vanity creates the illusion of space, removes clutter and adds style.
"The modern shower head can also create a whole new experience, and the vibrant shower water on the top of the head can make your daily bathing ceremony different.The water rail shower is another great remodel optionThey are like a standard track shower with highly adjustable flexibility and the ability to remove the shower headHook, with a cleaner beauty.If your budget doesn't extend to the new toilet, simply replacing the lid and seat of the toilet is like replacing the cabinet handle, says Adam, a makeover that makes it easy to change the look.
"It's an easy way to afford to update the bathroom according to the budget," he said ."."Change smaller details such as taps and light fixtures to refresh the bathroom without damaging the bank."A great bathroom can also change the look of the whole bathroom.
The independent bathtub is easy to install, especially when it is used as a central part of the room, it makes a strong design note.If you do change the toilet, be sure to consider the WELS rating to ensure ongoing cost savings, he said.For Adam, create a budget.Stick to it-Should be the first step in any renovation project;Then, before purchasing any items that create the look and feel you want in a new or refurbished bathroom, consider the space you have to use.
"This will affect the products selected and the updates made."Give priority to the changes that are most important to improving the appearance of the bathroom and then choose the products that reflect your chosen budget," he said ."."Measuring room and overview space requirements is also critical before purchasing and installing any new bathroom products.
Pay attention to the existing fixtures that are not easy to move, such as pipes, and consider the current decoration.Knowing where to start and what you want is the key to Daniela: "a little inspiration can go a long way in bathroom design.Is a great place to start collecting ideas about the look, product and layout you want to incorporate into the new bathroom.
She agrees that understanding the space you have to use will help with a successful renovation."Measure the bathroom, start planning the layout, consider the location of key items such as shower, bathtub and toilet.It can also be considered whether to renovate the bathroom using the existing plumbing points or completely renovate the bathroom.
This can affect budget and product positioning, so it's better to identify your approach early in the planning process.Reece's 3D bathroom planner is a great tool for setting up and designing a virtual bathroom, whether you're building or planning a renovation."A smaller bathroom space does not mean compromise in style," said Daniela.
Mirrors create the illusion of space, but avoid those with fancy or gorgeous borders as they can easily mess up the room.Stick to simple lines.(And) use the same tiles on the floor and walls to significantly improve the look and feel of the area.Light colors also create the illusion of space, and larger tiles will make your floor look bigger as they have less grout.
Both Adam and Daniela agree that you should consider taking advantage of the extra wall space by installing shelves to store important bathroom supplies and decorative pieces.“Try an under-Counter basin in your unit as its clean and tidy bench space will make your space feel bigger."There is also a series of small pots designed for smaller bathroom spaces," Daniela said .
"Vanity floated.
In addition to visually helping the bathroom look bigger, installing a dresser on the floor can make a little space for small items and make it easier to clean."Wall-mounted toilets and in-The wall Reservoir is the perfect choice for lifting space.They are one of the biggest growth areas in the bathroom.
Mixing and matching flush buttons and the ideal toilet basin will create a seamless and modern look and save precious inches and free up floor space.The cluttered bathroom is not a peaceful sanctuary for relaxation in your mind.Understanding and diversityFunctional storage solutions are key for any modern bathroom, especially in smaller spaces.
Smart storage options include wall mounted units and products with side racks or compartments inside drawers, which is a great way to create storage space and reduce clutter, Daniela said."Linen cabinets and tally clerks are also ideal for space saving," she said ."Investing in a heated towel rack can be a luxury item, Adam says, but buying will cost a lot of money as it will make sure the floor space is kept clean and tidy.
"It's an easy way to add a sense of luxury and keep the towels warm and refreshing.For any renovation work, it is better to work closely with qualified businessmen such as plumbers, builders and electricians to avoid expensive mistakes, Daniela said."Our research shows that many Australians prefer to create their dream bathroom in a 'Do it together, but although you may think that you can solve some plumbing work yourself to save money, it may cost more to correct mistakes in DIY work.
"It is important to involve merchants early in the planning and design process, because they are able to advise you on areas of possibilities for creating the look you want, and advise you on the cost and time frame.As for the finishing touches that you and/or the merchant have completed, Daniela says, for any room in the house, it's a little thing."So for simpler updates, buying small details such as high-quality towels, scented candles or flowers will make the space feel inviting and vibrant," she said .
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