chandelier floor lamp Types of Floor Lampshades

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
chandelier floor lamp Types of Floor Lampshades
When considering the color type of the floor lamp, both the function and the style should be considered.The color and shape of the lampshade will affect the amount of light emitted by the lamp.In addition, the shadows should complement the light base and the style of the room.Floor lamps are used for a variety of purposes and can be used for general or environmental lighting, task lighting, and key lighting.If you are using a floor lamp for ambient lighting, please select a lamp-In a closed color, translucent shadowWhite or cream color, maximum light output that allows soft diffusion.Torchiere shadows leads the light to the ceiling and is also a good choice for general lighting.The floor lamp for reading should have a wide shade, or a flash shadow on the bottom.Lots of extra layered lighting in the room, dark-Color tones are an option for floor lamps designed to provide a softer environment or focused lighting.There are two kinds of fabric tones: hardcover and silk.The hard back curtain consists of fabric or paper laminated on a plastic lining.The woven fabric including linen, silk, satin and fine cloth or parchment is attached to the ring at the top and bottom, glued to one or more sides, and has a moldedOver time, the plastic lining will turn yellow and distort the quality of the light.Silk tones are used for fabric tones built on the online frame.The inner lining is made of fabric and outer layer, and the outer layer is made of silk, satin, linen or other types of fabric.The silk color is washable, usually very longWhile the internal liner may deteriorate over time, the liner needs to be replaced.Both hard back and silk tones come in a variety of styles such as drums, empires, coolies, squares, rectangles and hexagon.However, the frame structure of the silk tone allows for more changes in style and shape, including curves, bells, V-With gaps and scallopsThe drum tone has a vertical or near-vertical side because the top of the shadow is usually 1 or 2 inch smaller than the bottom diameter.Drum tones work well in modern, retro and retro environments.The tones of the Empire and Coolpad are both angled sides and look very similar.Empire-The bottom of the shadow is about twice the top;However, hard workThe bottom of the sun visor is three to four times larger than the top.These shades complement traditional fixtures and the environment.The square and rectangular shades complement the base in the same shape and provide a modern look.Torchiere floor lampshades are usually made of glass and are popular in the Art Deco era.Vintage torchiere floor lamps made in 1940 seconds and 1950 seconds have a long neck, 2 inch in diameter, using large Mughal bulbs.The neck slides into the bottom fitter.Other types of vintage floor lamps have brackets with screws and use IES glass lampshades, which can also be used as a diffuser to support fabric lampshades.The newer torchiere tone has a neck-Below 5/8 or flatto 1 7/8-inch opening.These lampshades are installed by passing the lamp holder through the opening of the lampshade.Some lamps have a ring, screw on the outside of the socket and fix the glass in the proper position.
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