chandelier floor lamp How to Choose a Pole Floor Lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
chandelier floor lamp How to Choose a Pole Floor Lamp
Floor lamps combine ambient lighting and task lighting for reading, making, or other activities in one device.These units are built in oneThe base located on the floor makes room for tables and countertops to meet other needs.When choosing a pole-style floor lamp, look for a unit that not only provides enough light for your room, but also complements your overall decor style.Size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a floor lamp.Too high a lamp can scratch the ceiling, while a shorter and more compact design can be lost in a large room.Check the ceiling height before shopping and choose a light that fits your space.The height-adjustable pole light provides flexibility to move from room to room as needed.When you shop, consider the configuration of each pole floor lamp to find the lamp that meets your lighting needs.Torchiere-Style lights project light onto the ceiling, which makes them a perfect source of ambient light, but a poor source of mission lighting.Oversized shades can make the whole room brighter, while narrow shades can direct light to smaller areas.Swing-The Arm light provides controls that can be used for reading or other tasks.If the configuration of your room is complicated, try the goose neck lamp.These fixtures have adjustable curved neck that can bring light to a wider area around the base.If you put the light behind the sofa or next to the coffee table, you can still bring the light to other places you need by relocating the head of the light.Some touch lights have touch functionSensitive controls make it easy to turn the lights on or off quickly.Others use switches on bases, Poles, and even wires.Consider where you plan to put the lights and how much time you need to get into these areas to help determine the optimal control system for the lights.Traditional halogen lamps have been widely used for decades, but the Chicago Tribune warns that there are some serious safety problems with these lights.Halogen lamps can reach a temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and there is a great risk of fire if the lights are turned over.Avoid halogen lamps or look for models built inIf the light is prompted, in the guard, prevent the light bulb from touching the curtains or other objects.Stick to the use of tripod lights for increased safetyA style base that is less likely to tilt than a small base.Modern pole lights made of metal and glass complement the stylish, clean decor, while the more gorgeous wooden models work well in traditional or retro spaces.If your existing decor is relatively flat, design complex floor lamps or eyes --Capturing shadows can illuminate your space.If possible, match the light fixture finish with what you have already found in your home.For example, a floor lamp with an aluminum bar may not work in a room equipped with brass hardware, but may blend perfectly in a room rich in stainless steel finishes.
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