chandelier earrings High, high pumps and a rainbow of LifeSavers colors

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-23
chandelier earrings High, high pumps and a rainbow of LifeSavers colors
Nydiary22_9/22/2003 _ B/w3star _ date_d2 _ 10p10x2.6i_sf --22/2003 _ 9/_ B/w3star _ date_d2 _ 10p10x2.6i_sf --70052003-09-04:00:00 PDT, New York--Friday: New York Fashion Week ends today with Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren finishing the marathon.Self-attention: hire a personal trainer next year to shape me before the Fall Series of February.Maybe I'll live to be 100 years old like Eleanor Lambert, a legendary fashion PR guy, and I saw her today in Jeffrey Beane's showroom.The Hearst family rounds within a week;Peti Hearst Shaw looks at her daughter Lydia HearstXiao walked the runway;Fashion cute niece Amanda had a great time in New York.I know that the jelly Kelly bag (without the Hermes label of course) comes with a trademark and a website, ten dollars more than the Street, $165.The hurricane did not hit New York.I heard a few people on the street saying that they were actually disappointed after such a big construction;But the humidity there is very high.My throat was sore by the noise of the crowd screaming at the show;Exhaust, too.But hey, the clothes are really beautiful.Save money for the pre-season big sale.(I learn via e-Design the Mail that the duo Proenza schooner brought home to Neiman Marcus ).From the restored 1799 back lawn you can see the snacks and magnificent views of the Hudson RiverTimes Gracie building, open to fashion media at the end of the day.10 a.m.: Lauren put on a stylish, sporty show, finished track pants in stretch silk crepes, tight cable knit dresses, a series of black and white pinstriped items, a long cream-colored silk Shire dress, black racing stripes on the side.There are also sports stripes on a silk Pearl sweater, all wearing high-heeled shoes with high audiences.Then, the suit parade in the lifeguard color--Yellow Qiaoqi yarn shirt under the slim lavender trousers;A hot Kiwi sweaterPink shirt and lavender pants, pink with Kiwi and orange, blue with yellow.In the evening, the slinky satin dress without decoration came out ---In addition to chandelier earrings-Orange, purple, blue, yellow, water and stone gray.The hair is messy and the lips are Ruddy.Lauren didn't have a black evening dress at the fashion show, nor did Zach Posen's, nor would Karan's.In my opinion, this is a major shift in evening dress.Noon: head to the showroom of Jeffrey BYN to see the latest.The main tailor is now only sold to private clients.There is a spectacular longBolbolbolero is made entirely of ivory, pale pink and black silk Qiaoqi yarn rose, and remains in my mind long after I leave.Once unstoppable fashion propagandist Lambert is the first to insist that the media give American designers the same recognition as Dior, Chanel and the Parisian family.She was with an assistant in a colorful signature headscarf and a black suit.She never missed the day Beene opened the workshop.1 p.m.: Before Karan's show, have time to check out the small independent boutique on East Ninth Street.When I was in Viu, a lovely Vietnamese shop, bought a handI saw a dress with York Times, an assistant from Woody Allen came in to warn the owner that the director would shoot in the block next week.3 p.m.: It's a trend to meet Sue Rolontz, executive vice president of Tobe Report --Discover publications for the industry.I called her a few years ago when I first went to Europe (she generously asked me to share her car and driver for a while ).She is fashionable, funny and smart.This is one of the best seasons ever, she said."There are colors, patterns, and femininity;This is a very happy season for retailers.Between folds, stripes and pipes, these are very complicated clothes.Not silly.Designers put people back on their jackets instead of juicy fashions.This is a finished, polished look, very clean and sporty." 3:30 p.m.: Karan jump boat, showing a desert palette of parchment paper, sand and light green, one of which is a series of copperColorful jackets and coats.It's sporty;Brousson jacket with permanent roll up sleeves, crumpled pants, safari-Inspired jacket;Soft weeds of metal;In the evening, a series of woven ribbon dresses of ivory, copper, parchment and light green.There are some nice pieces, but after so many colors of the week, the series looks a bit anaemic.4:30 p.m.Poor hardworking model.On-site Frankie Ryder after the show, she ended her work week this morning.How do you feel?Like this, she said, she jumped into the air and kicked her heels together."Woo!
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