chandelier canopy How to Measure the Size for a Chandelier Canopy

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
chandelier canopy How to Measure the Size for a Chandelier Canopy
A chandelier canopy is a cone.The shape of the lid, hides the wire and junction box on the ceiling where the chandelier is installed.The canopy only needs to be as wide as possible to cover the holes in the dry wall, so installing a canopy larger than the hole is purely a taste problem.In many cases, the chandelier canopy is paired with the ceiling medal to create a significant visual transition between the ceiling and the hanging chandelier.Measure the width of the junction box hole on the ceiling with a tape measure to determine the absolute minimum width required for the canopy.Measure the diameter of the chandelier at the widest point.Measure the height of the room from floor to ceiling mounted chandelier.If the ceiling is less than 9 feet from the floor, select the ceiling medal less than the diameter of the chandelier; if the ceiling is higher than 9 feet, select the medal floor greater than the diameter of the chandelier.Align the canopy accompanying the chandelier at the center of the ceiling Grand Medal to ensure that the transition between the Grand Medal and the canopy is visually appealing.If the ceiling medal does not match the size or style of the canopy-It is wise to measure the diameter of the center of the circle, you feel that the dome is the most matched with the dome, choose a canopy with a diameter and style that matches the medal.
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