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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-04
The chandelier provides focused lighting on your kitchen island.The pendant should be functional and illuminate your work area for food preparation and service.They should also be stylish, because the nature of the pendant lighting makes it within your normal field of view, unlike overhead lighting, it is not only a tool, but also a decoration.The height of the pendant lighting is mainly based on the height of your island, but if there is a breakfast bar, the height of some islands is more than one.In this case, use the higher part of your island for the chandelier height measurement.
Measure the depth of your island and divide it in half to find the number of inches to the center.
In this measurement, place a line of masking tape along the length of your island.You will want every chandelier on this line.
Divide the length of the counter by the number of chandeliers planned for installation.Place a short piece of tape on the long line to mark where the center of each light will hang.How many pendants do you need to decorate your island depends on its size and the height you hang, but two or three pendants should be enough for most islands.
Climb the ladder until you can reach the ceiling directly above your island.Tie the washing machine to the end of a rope so that it can hang straight and then position it so that it can hang directly on the intersection where the center line and tape cross.Cut the Rope and stick it to the ceiling with tape.Each lamp repeats the process.
Measure a string above the 28 inch Nakajima counter if your island is 2 feet or less.If more than 2 feet deep, measure 32 inch above the countertop.Cut the Rope at this height and paste a tape at the end of the rope.This is where the bottom of your light will hang.Repeat this operation for each string.
Walk around the island like you use it.If you find the tape at the end of the rope distracting, or get in the way, cut the rope a little short.
Hang your chandelier in the final position of your strings, then remove the strings and tape from your island counter.
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