capiz shell chandelier how to clean capiz shell lampshade | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-29

Kapizi shells come from soft animals living only in Indonesia and the Philippines.After collecting the shell, clean it to remove salt water and defects.It is then polished to bring out the natural beauty in the enclosure and coated to protect it from environmental factors such as dust and allergens.The shell is then cut into the shape needed for the item that uses it.It is commonly used in Platter, jewelry, candle holders, lamps and lanterns, etc.Use only water and soft cloth and wipe your capiz shell lamp regularly to keep it free of dirt and dust.You can use liquid soap if you need deeper cleaning.Wet a soft cloth in cold water.Wring the cloth to remove the excess water.Wipe the lampshade of the capiz housing to remove dirt, dust, residue and deposits.This is all the cleaning that the capiz shell often needs.Fill a small bowl with liquid dish soap and room warm water for long lasting spots or stains.Soak the soft cloth in the soapy water.Wipe any remaining spots or stains.Rinse the cloth under cold water until the water flowing from the cloth is clear.Wipe the capiz case to remove any soap residue.
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