brass light How to Antique a Brass Light Fixture

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-17
brass light How to Antique a Brass Light Fixture
Many families have brass fixtures and the decoration of the rooms is not always free.It is a fairly easy process to imitate the brass surface to make lamps with a completely different appearance.Any brass item can use the same antique craft to coordinate the brass trim in the room.Brass lamps must be removed before starting the project.Before removing the fixture, it is important to turn the circuit breaker off to the power supply fixture.Clean the surface of the lamp with soap and water.Remove stubborn pieces from gorgeous design works with the tip of a cotton swab or round toothpick.Allow Air for brass lamps-dry 15 minutes.Wipe the entire surface of the brass fixture with a cotton ball full of rubbing alcohol.Rubbing Alcohol removes smoke residue and skin oil, providing a better attached surface for painting.Gently polish the entire surface of the fixture to wear the finish.Wipe the surface of the polished dust with lintfree cloth.Cut a large plastic garbage bag along one side of the seam and bottom.Open the garbage bag and cover a flat work area in a wellVentilated and safe painting areas such as a garage or basement away from any indicator light or outdoor.Place polished brass lamps in the center of the plastic.Open the paint spray tank and shake for 60 seconds.Direct the nozzle to the brass light fixture.Spray paint is placed so that the nozzle is about 6 inch away from the surface.Paint the entire surface of the fixture.Move the fixture if necessary to reach all sides.Allow paint to dry for 15 minutes.Two coats in total repeat the process.Gently polish the spray-A painted surface showing some brass surfaces.As much or less sand as possible to create the desired antique look.Allows painting to remain in the details of the design work.Wipe the surface of the fixture and remove all sanding dust.Apply three to five layers of acrylic spray sealing agent.Each coating is allowed to dry between applications for 15 minutes.
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