brass crystal chandelier Painting a Brass Chandelier Black

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
brass crystal chandelier Painting a Brass Chandelier Black
The quickest way to update the old brass chandelier is to paint with a can, and the multi-functional black is well matched with a variety of decorative styles.Although this update is relatively easy, it is essential to take the time to do the correct update.Even if the chandelier is out of sight, you can still see the slight paint work, especially when the eyes-The brass was peeked from below.Take the time and use high quality products and you will end up with an amazing light fixture.Black paint is the same as any other color: it has different finishes, even different shades.For the chandelier, black paint with a little shine will make cleaning easier, although since the frequency of the fixture handling is not high, you can escape with matte paint without worrying about fingerprints.The real black adds drama and elegance to the room, while the slightly gray black performs well in a more relaxed space.High quality primer is essential even when painted in black and can provide a smooth, even finish.While it's tempting to look up at the brass chandelier and design a way to paint it while still attached to the ceiling, you can get the best results by removing it.Remember to turn off the power running to the device through your home breaker box before you start, as you have to disconnect the wires to remove the chandelier.When you are working, pay attention to how the chandelier is installed, write it down if you have to, and put any screws or other hardware in a safe place.Any dirt or dust may appear in your new black paint job on March, so clean the fixture thoroughly with mild detergent and water or multipurpose spray cleanerFree cloth for cleaning and drying.Remove the bulbs and sleeves, and then be careful to put anything you don't want to draw, such as on the socket tape.This is also a good time to remove any prism on the chandelier.Put the Prism aside and keep the hooks with the chandelier so that they will also be painted if you reinstall the parts.Light sprayPainting techniques often lead to rough, blistering, or other ugly finishes.Always keep the nozzle between 8 and 10 inch from the chandelier and apply paint in a very thin coating, waiting about 10 minutes between each coating.When you draw, never stop moving your arms and overlap each one a little so they blend seamlessly.After the last coating, wait 48 hours and the black paint is dry.Sometimes, adding the same old accessories to the newly painted chandelier looks "inappropriate" and the color difference between brass and black is very large, you may need new accessories anyway.Complete the update of the chandelier with new sleeves, new chains or an updated globe or hue.If you plan on bundling fixtures, the new hooks for the chain may also vary.Draw all of this as needed to match the chandelier or add a little color;A few red lanterns-The style tone has a dramatic effect, while the antique toneThe style globe gives the fixture an old oneworld feel.
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