bohemian crystal chandelier How to Take Apart a Crystal Chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
bohemian crystal chandelier How to Take Apart a Crystal Chandelier
A chandelier can have dozens of removable crystals, but for a heavy-Voluntary cleaning is not as difficult as putting it back together.However, if you remove the crystals correctly from the beginning, the work of reassembling your sparkling lamps will not be too challenging.When cleaning once or twice a year, sparkling crystal prism and lines, few or many, Project colored prism around ---It is worth the tedious disassembly and reassembly process.Turn off the chandelier.When the bulb cools, move the furniture from under the fixture.Lay a blanket on the floor under the chandelier in case any crystals drop during disassembly.Crystal fragile, easy to scratch;A soft blanket helps avoid damage.Use a digital camera to shoot lighting from several angles, from top to bottom, and fully display the chandelier from side to side.Take some photos at close range showing separate lines and arms.These photos are crucial to putting the Crystal back where you remove it, especially when the chandelier has many parts.Put a few bath towels on the kitchen counter, close to the sink, ready to clean the crystal.Unscrew all the bulbs from the chandelier and put them on one side carefully.Unlock the crystal prism and line from the small wires attached to the fixture arm and body.Depending on the design, you may only need to lift the glass part from the wire hook, but if the wire is tightly wound, you need to use the needle-Pinch pliers that bend the wire slightly and release the crystal.Do not bend the wires in order to avoid them becoming weak and broken.
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