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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-29

Glass blowing is an ancient technique used to shape heated molten glass into aesthetic and functional objects such as vases, bowls, plates, candle holders, cups, etc.The glass hair dryer uses a long blow tube to shape the glass while the glass is still very hot.Glass blowing is a highly technical art form that requires specialized training and skills.Learn to recognize hands-Blow the glass by looking for certain properties.Leave a pontil mark on one hand, also known as The pontil scar or punt markWhen the glass blower removes the working bar or "pontil iron" from the glass object, the glass is blown.Machine-There are no obvious traces of glass products.You will usually find the pontil mark at the bottom of the vase, jar, plate or cup, but the mark may be hidden on other glass objects.Some glass blowing studios at the end use the Pontier iron with its own unique symbol, allowing them to turn the Pontier mark into a sign on each handblown piece.For example, Simon Pearce marks each piece with a small circle of four petalslike forms.Hand-No machine for glass blowing-Manufacturing, symmetry and accuracy of machine manufacturingGlass products.A hand-The blown glass pieces may have slight defects, irregularities, or even a little asymmetry.If you buy a set of plates, glasses or other dishes from a glass blowing studio, expect each one to look slightly different.These irregularities suggest that human hands produce debris, not machines.Slightly irregular shape, handBlown glass for its unique charm, although some of the blown glass studios sold their most irregular or imperfect pieces at a lower price.Many hand-Blown glass objects contain small bubbles inside the glass.During the blowing process, these bubbles are trapped inside the heated glass and left in the finished product.Some studios that blow glass use bubbles as an aesthetic feature of their work.However, the machineGlass objects produced can also contain bubbles, so this property is not unique to manualblown glass.
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