black hanging light fixture What Wires Go to What When Hooking Up a Light Fixture?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-12
black hanging light fixture What Wires Go to What When Hooking Up a Light Fixture?
Typically, homeowners buy new internal or external fixtures and then pay for handyman or electrician because the color of the wires is different.Most lamps have two wires with color insulation and a copper ground wire.Enthusiastic homeowners can save the cost of professionals by knowing which wires are connected to which wires.With this knowledge, you or your family can wire and connect for one or more lights.Turn off the circuit breaker of the circuit to the existing light fixture.If the circuit breaker is not labeled, please let the family turn on the light with the switch when you cycle through the circuit breaker until the circuit breaker is out.Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws on the cover of the light switch that operates the lamp.Remove the lid and note the wire insulation color attached to both sides of the switch.You will see white lines on one side of the switch and black lines on the other.A black and white wire leads to the lamp.Another black and white wire is the circuit of the switch.If the light can be turned on or off from the switch on both sides of the room, you will see a blue wire that connects the circuit to three-way switches.In some cases, it may go through the electrical box where the existing lights are installed, but it is only a switch wire, not a wire for the lights.Look at the wires on the back of the new fixture, indicate black insulation on one, and white insulation on the other.These wires are connected to the corresponding black and white wires that extend from the switch to the electrical box where the existing fixture is installed.In addition, there is a bare copper ground wire attached to the green ground screw inside the electric box.Open the wire nut and mounting screw package that comes with the new fixture.Although the lights only have black and white wires, some manufacturers also include an additional wire nut, because these nuts are easily misaligned when installing the lights.In most cases, the color of the nut is the same, such as red, yellow or black.Again, depending on the manufacturer, wire nuts of any color can be used to connect electrical and light fixture wires of the corresponding color.Screwdriver-Nose bending slight fixtures with multiple lights can be equipped with a pair of black and white wires for each lamp.These are connected to the black and white wires in the electrical box with the larger wire nuts provided.Sports lights have wires in black, white and red.Black and White always connect black and white.The installation instructions tell you which one to connect with the red line.
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